Baby Horan (a Niall Horan fan fic)


8. chapter 6

~ 5 months later~

"Ni!"i scream and he runs to me. "whats wrong?!” He yells. "Why dont you ever cuddle or kiss me anymore?"i mumble putting my head in my hands. "Babe im so sorry"he pulls me in his lap and kisses my cheek. We lay on the couch cuddling until my water breaks. “Ni its time the baby is comming!" He gets up and gets the bags as i get my jacket and phone. I scream in pain as we get in the car i feel something pushing on my vagina. I scream again as we get here we get out and rush into the hospital "help my girlfriends in labor!" He screams. Then doctors come out with a gurney and they put me on it. They take me to my room. "Miss your baby is comming now i need you to push on the count of three" "ok" i scream. "One two three" i push as hard as i can and i scream and hold onto nialls hand. "Good one more time and we will be done one two three!" I push hazarded this time and i hear crying but the pain is still happening."Miss did you know you were having twins?" I shake my head and scream again. "Same thing one two three!" I push three more times and i see my babies. I smile and look at Niall. "They look like you Ni" i mumble tiredly. "Yeah babe go to sleep" he kisses my forehead and i drift off into a deep sleep.

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