Baby Horan (a Niall Horan fan fic)


5. chapter 4

~three months later~

"Babe please wake up"i say sternly. "no baby i want to cuddle with you"Niall pulls me to him. "babe please"i moan. "Just come here please" he pouts.i straddle his torso and we start kissing as i slide my hand up his shirt teasing him.""baby you are teasing me and you know whats going to happen"he mumbles."oh really"i smirk and slide my hand down to his shorts."baby in warning you" he moans. "Make me"i whisper in his ear and slide my hand in his pants rubbing his dick. He moans and i smirk "now lets go eat breakfast!" "No were straying here"he smirks."i want you Ni"i whisper in a suducive voice. "I know baby but i want food!" He gets up and i start pouting."baby dont pout"he pleaded. I ignored him and i cover my body up and start crying."baby im so sorry"he cuddles up to me"i didnt mean it like that i love you more than food please dont cry!" I just kept crying"you wouldn't have said it if you didn't mean it!" "Princess please i love you so much!" I look him in the eyes and i see sadness. I kiss him passionately and he kisses back.

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