Baby Horan (a Niall Horan fan fic)


3. chapter 3

I wake up about an hour later and see niall isn't there. I get up and put some joggers and a big shirt. After i done that i walked downstairs and sat by Niall. "What are y'all watching?" I whisper in his ear. "Paranormal Activity 4"he whispered back in my ear. I hate horror films. He smiles at me and i kiss his lips. He kisses back as Harry clears his throat. We continue to watch the movie as i get scared Niall pulls me close. He starts kissing my neck and nibbling on it. He pulls a blanket over us and i smile at him and lay between his legs. He leans down and kisses my forehead as i smile. "Your so cute"he wraps his arms around me and i start playing with his hands. "Niall brea liam zayn louis we are going on tour in four weeks" "yay!"we all scream. "Do you want to go to dinner tonight with me beautiful?" "Of course" "dress fancy" "ok" i kiss him. "I love you so much Brea"niall whispered in im ear "i love you too Ni"i whisper back.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~2 weeks later

I get up and run in the bathroom and throw up. Niall ran in and held my hair back. While holding my hair back he was rubbing my back. "Baby are you ok?"i wash my mouth out "Ni i think im pregnant"i mom me barely hearable. "If you are then you are i will stay with you through this." He sits by me and pulls me in his lap. He kisses my forehead as i lay my head on his chest.

Nialls POV

I love Brea with all my heart and i want to spend the rest of my life with her and have a family with her. "Brea go get ready" "for what?""im taking you to the beach and there is going to be a surprise" "ok babe"i kiss her and she kisses back. "Wanna take a shower with me babe?" She asks "yeah"i grab some clothes and we go in the bathroom. We get in the shower and i start washing her as she moans. I smirk and whisper in her ear"is this turning you on?" "Yeah" she turns around and she starts teasing me "lets get out"she smirks and gets out. I get out after her and we get dressed. "Ready to go?""yeah"

Brea's POV

I see a candle lit dinner and i smile. Niall is the sweetest guy ever. We sit down and we start talking as niall pulls a box out and gets down on one knee "Ambreann Nicole Styles i love you more than anything and i want to spend the rest of my life with you me have a family with you so will you do me the honor of marrying me?"i smile"YES YES YES A MILLION TIMES YES!" I kissed him and he put the ring on my finger. "I love you more than anything too Ni"

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