Baby Horan (a Niall Horan fan fic)


2. chapter 2

"Ni?" "Yes beautiful"i look in his eyes "i love you so much!""I love you too beautiful" i lean in and kiss him as passionate and deep as i can. He picks me up and takes me to my room. He layed me on my bed and hovers over me"i love you Ni" "i love you too Brea i want you so bad""i want you too Ni" "your wish is my command princess" he smirks. He starts kissing my neck and i moan softly. I take my shirt and bra off as he kisses down to my pants line. I pull his shirt and pants off"Ni i want you so bad"i moan in his ear."i know babe" He slides my pants off as i smirk. I take his boxers off then he takes my underwear off. He then starts to kiss and pick circles an my clit. "Ni stop teasing me and get in me!"i moan. He then slides in me making me moan louder. He then picks up speed and i start kissing his neck. "Ni im close" "Me too babe"we release and he falls on the bed beside me and wraps his arms around me as we fall asleep.

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