Story of my Life<3

Allie, just an ordinary girl, with an obsession with one direction. When school starts, she's getting bullied to the point where she can't take it anymore. Well with the help of her best friend, Bay, her greatest dreams come true!


1. The beginning

*August 23rd, 2011

Hi my name is Allie. I'm so nervous for school! I'm going to start my freshman year. Everybody says that high school is where dreams come true. Well I say it's your first year of hell. Especially if your a 15 year old directioner. Well I'll start writing more once school starts.

Allie Branke*

Allie put her diary back in her drawer. She looks outside, thinking how much high school could change her life.

While she's sitting, her phone starts to ring. It's her best friend Bay.


"Heyy Allie, what are you doing today? You should come over! There's something urgent I need to show you!"

"Ok, I'll be over in a bit"

"See you soon!"

Allie hangs up the phone and runs downstairs. "Mom, can I go to Bay's?"

"Sure, be home for dinner at 6"

"Ok, bye see you later"

Allie slips on her sneakers and runs over to Bay's house, which is 7 houses around the block on Ember street. Once she gets there, Bay greets her at the door and drags her to her room.

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