Why? Just why?

What will happen when Gabriella finds out that her best friend Louis Tomlinson loves her? What will happen when the drama kicks in? Read to find out!


17. Wait...what?

Gabriella's POV.

I woke up in Louis chest. But I wasn't on the couch nor my bed nor Louis' bed. I was in a room I have never seen before. I looked up and saw that Louis was sound a sleep. Light snores escaped his mouth here and there. He was so cute. I felt him move a little and then his eyes fluttered open.

"Good morning beautiful." He said in his raspy morning voice.

"Good morning handsome." I said and kissed his cheek. "Are we still at Harry's?" I asked.

"Yes...yesterday when the movie ended you were passed asleep on my chest and I asked Harry if we could stay here and he said yes." He explained to me.

"Ohh" I said.

"C'mon lets go down stairs I think theres food down there." He said.

"And why would you think that?" I asked.

"Wait for it...one...two.." He said "FOOOOOOOD!!" I heard Niall scream from outside.

"Thats why" he said and we both headed down stairs.

Flora's POV

I woke up in a room which i have never seen before. I heard some talking from downstairs and then someone shouting "FOOOOOOOD!!" at the top of his lungs...Niall! I got up and went down stairs and saw Harry, Louis and Gabi sat on the table eating and talking, and Niall stuffing his face with pancakes. I laughed to myself and walked over to Harry.

"Good morning babe." Harry said.

"Morning." I said and kissed his cheek. We all sat down and finished eating then Andy came from up stairs. Did everyone stay here last night.

"Hey." she said and sat down next to Gabi.

"Hiii." We all replied in unison.

"Zayn still sleeping." She said.

"Doesn't surprise me." Louis said and we all laughed. Then after about 15 minutes Zayn came from down stairs.

"Good morning sleeping beauty!!" Harry said and we all laughed. Ahhh Harry.

Gabriella's POV

Andy and Zayn left Harry's house and me and Louis are just about to go to give Flora and Harry some privacy. *Wink Wink*

"Bye!!!" We both said and walked out the door.


We got to Louis flat and sat down on the couch. We were just watching TV before the doorbell rang. Louis got up and got the door.

"LOUIS!!" I heard someone shout. It sounded like a girl. Wait what? I got up and saw I girl hugging Louis but he wasn't doing anything he was just frozen. I hid behind the wall of the kitchen and pop my head out to see what was happening.

"Eleanor", He said as he pushed her off of him, "uhh..what are you doing here..we broke up before the tour ended." He said the last part a little low. Wait wait wait, hold the truck up, he had another girlfriend when he was on tour?

"Louis I-I-I still love you." Eleanor said. Well that hurt.

"Eleanor i dont love you, I have a girlfriend, i think you should go." He said.

"But but Lou-" she started. "Eleanor just go." He said and she left with her eyes filled with tiers.

"What?....Who?....Why?" Was the only things I could say before I felt the tiers run down my face.

"Gabriella, I can explain." He said as he came closer.

"You sheeted on my Louis, you sheeted!" I said as i walked away.

"Wait Gabriella i can explain." He said as he pulled me back. "Look when I was on tour management told me that I needed to get a girlfriend I told him that you and I were together but he said that he wanted people to see me going out with someone and he put me together with Eleanor. It didn't meant anything to me I only wanted to be with you. When the tour ended i dumped her. I know I cheated but we didnt do anything. I only did it because if i didn't modest would have punished me. Gabriella I love you and only you." He said and whipped a tier with his thumb.

"Louis I-I-I think I need some time alone to think about this." I said and walked away. I took my motorcycle that I always had in Louis house. I drove to Becky's house and knocked on the door. Sussie opened the door and hugged me.

"What are you doing here I though you were staing at Louis' house and didn't you and Flora have a flat?" She asked curious. "Have you been crying?" She asked.

"Yes, and i came here because me and Louis are having problems and if Flora sees me in my motorcycle she'll kill me." I explained.

"Ohh" was the only thing she said. We entered the house.

"Were is everyone?" I asked.

"Becky is at work and David is in his room." She said.

"Ohh yeah how has it been with David has he hit you or anything?" I asked.

"No his been more calm lately." She said and I smiled. We both watched Tv the whole day and surprisingly i feel a little better about the 'Eleanor incident'. I went up to my old room and went to bed.

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