Why? Just why?

What will happen when Gabriella finds out that her best friend Louis Tomlinson loves her? What will happen when the drama kicks in? Read to find out!


13. Back for you(LOL se what I did there:) )

Louis POV.

We finish 3rd place in the Xfactor.

We were at the airport heading home. I was so happy i get to see my Boo again. We arrived at Niall's gate. We said our goodbyes and walked to mine and Liam's gate. We were going to Doncaster because Flora and Gabi's graduation was today. I told Gabriella I wasn't going to make it so I could surprise her. Liam said the same to Flora. We said goodbye to Zayn. Harry already left this morning. Liam and I had a separate graduation so we could go to the X factor. We entered the plain and sat down.

Gabriella's POV

"Hurry up Flora!!! Were gonna be late." I shouted

"Coming!" She shouted back.

Today was our graduation day. Sadly Louis wouldn't be here. Flora came running down stairs.

"Done!" she said. "Finally!" I said. "C'mon lets go" she said and we went to her car.

We got to school and ran to the auditorium were the graduation was going to be held. We went to the rest of the class and the graduation stared.

Louis POV

The graduation just ended and the graduates were getting off stage. I ran to were Gabriella was. She was talking to Flora so she was facing the other way. I put my arms around her waist making her jump. She turned around. She had a scared face, but when she notice it was me a smile came across her face.

"Louis!!" She shouted and hugged me back. "Ive missed you so much." She said.

"Me too Boo, me too." I said and then i kissed her. Our lips moved in sync. It was perfect.

Floras POV

Louis came and surprised Gabi. Thats so sweet of him. I was standing there when i heard a familiar voice talk.

"Excuse me do you know were Flora is?" He said. "Ok thanks." He finished. Suddenly i felt someone touch my shoulder. I turned around to see...LIAM.

"Liam!" I shouted. And hugged him and he hugged me back. We hugged for a long time 'till i separated from the hug. He looked at me and then kissed me. It was the best kiss ever.

*2 hours later*

Liam's POV

The girls went back to Gabi's house to get ready were going to Nando's. Im over at Louis'.

"Hey Liam come over here." Louis shouted from upstairs.

"Coming!!" I shouted back. As i walked into Louis' room, he had something on his hand. He was smiling like crazy.

"What is that?" I asked. He handed me a picture. It was an old picture from when we were 13. We were all at this mountain were we just hang out all the time. it was Louis chasing Gabriella around and me giving Flora a piggyback ride. We were all smiling.I remember that day.


"Louis...stop..tickling me!" Flora shouted as she was laughing. Gabriella was laughing and trying to help Flora get outta Louis' grip.

"Liam to the rescue!!" I shouted and ran over to Flora and picked her up and put her on my back. She was very light. She calmed down a little but she was still laughing.

"Now its your turn!!" Louis said as he ran up to Gabriella and tried to tickle her. Gabriella quickly started running. Louis was chasing her.

"Smile for the camera!" Louis' mom said. I smiled still with Flora on my back. She also smiled. Gabriella and Louis smiled for the camera too. It was a great day.


I started thinking and suddenly, *DING* An idea popped into my head.

"Lou, why don't we take the girls to the mountain tomorrow for Floras birthday?" I asked Louis. He nodded.

"Yeah!! Oh and look at what i found, remember this?" He asked as he handed me 2 flower crowns.

"Oh yeah those were the flower crowns we made for the girls when we were 15." I said. And if you are wondering they were made out of fake flowers so they were as we made them. We never gave them to the girls because it was going to be our way to tell them that we loved them but we backed out cuz we were chickens.

"Wanna give them to the girls tomorrow?" Louis asked.

"Yeah!" I said. Then i got a text from Flora that said that they were ready.

"Lets go get the girls." I said and Louis nodded.

Gabriella's POV

We got ready. I put on a white short dress that was filled with cartoon characters and some blue heals. I curled my hair and put on some light make up. I putted on some 'LOVE' earrings, some gold bracelets and my eyeglasses. Flora was wearing a navy blue laced short dress with some blue-green heals. She had her hair in a half up-do. She had an owl neckless and light blue earrings. We were waiting for the boys to come pick us up. After a few minutes i heared the doorbell. I got up to answered the door and it was Louis.

"Hey beauty!" He said eyeing me from top to bottom.

"Hey handsome." I said back.

"C'mon lets go." He said. Flora got up and we walked to the car. Louis and I sat on the back and Flora sat on the passenger seat with Liam driving. We went to Nando's and had a great time. After that the guys said that they were going to pick us up tomorrow at 1:00. The guys left me and Flora at are flat. Yes we moved to are own place. We went up stairs, trying not to wake Floras siblings up, said goodbye and went into our rooms. Soon i fell asleep.

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