Why? Just why?

What will happen when Gabriella finds out that her best friend Louis Tomlinson loves her? What will happen when the drama kicks in? Read to find out!


1. Back

Gabriella's P.O.V

I got out of bed and put my eyeglasses on, I went down stairs to the kitchen. When i get there i see my little sister Sussie crying in a corner. I ran up to her "whats wrong Su?" I asked her worried. "I miss mom and dad." she said. I looked at her in the eyes wich were puffy, red and filled with tears "they're in a better place now." I say sadly. She stopped crying. "lest get ready for school." i said. We both go up stairs to our rooms and got ready. I really dint want to go to school. I took a shower and grabbed a white top that said 'FOREVER' in black, some pink skinny jeans and some black vans. I go downs stairs and see Sussie eating a bowl of cereal. I sit next to her and fix myself a bowl of cereal. We finished eating and left the house. I left her at the bus stop until her buss came. "See you after school." she said. "Bye love you." i said as she got in the bus. Before i could grab my skate-board my phone rang. I pick it up "Where are you? Are you ok?" my aunt shouted. "Everything's ok sorry i forgot to tell you that we left." I said. "Ok, how is Sussie?"she said. "She woke up crying" i said. "Becky ill call you later I'm late for school" i said. "Ok bye" she said. "Bye love you" i said. "Love you too" she said before i hung up. I grabbed my back pack and my skate-board and skate to high school. I really didn't want to go to school today. I wasn't in the mood for all the problems i had at school. When i got to school i skate to my locker hoping no teacher will see me. When i got to my locker i opened it and put my skate-board inside. Then Louis comes over. "Hi, how are you?" he said. "Fine" i said giving my best fake smile. "Gabriella, i know you since we were 10 i know when somethings up." he said. " Sussie woke up crying again and I'm really worried." i said. "Its going to be ok" he said hugging me. "Ohhh look the stalker and the stalked." Lilian said. Louis and i stopped hugging. "Lilian I'm not in the mood!" I said angrily as she got closer. "What are you going to do, hit me?" Lilian said. "You know i would!!" I said and closed my locker as hard as i could and walked away. I got stopped in the hall by my bff Flora, Clau and Natalie. "Hiiii, how are you?" Natalie said. "Ive been better" i said. "Lilian!?" Belle said. "Yes" i said. "Sussie woke up crying again?!" Flora said. "Hey u ok?" Louis said. "Yeah you know." The bell rang and we had to go i had my first class with Natalie, Belle and LILIAN. When i got in the class room Natalie and Belle sat next to me and Lilian in front of me. She turned around and she had a coffee in her hand. "Lili you cant have a coffee in here" one of her bitches said. "Ohh yeah i forgot"she said then dumped the coffee on my hair. "WHAT THE FUCK" Belle said. "Whats wrong with you" natalie said. I ran to the girls room when i ran into Flora. "What happened?" She said "Lilian!!" I said angry. Louis passed by the girls bathrooms and heard me screaming he entered "What happened?" he asked. I looked at him "did you see the sign on the door?" i said. "I don't care, what happened to you?" He said stressed out. "Lilian" Flora said. A teacher was coming and Louis ran out of the girls bathroom and into the boys bathroom. I poured water on my hair until a teacher came in " Gabriella and Flora you have to go to class." She said. We got out of the bathroom and got to our classrooms. Oh boy this is going to be a long day.

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