Moving On With Life

"Oh sorry was I interrupting something? Oh ya I am, ill just leave you to it" "Belle wait! I can explain..." "No Niall Horan how could you?" Isabelle asked. She ran to louis's room not knowing what to do besides cry....


1. I Should of Known. Oh Wait I Did!!!

My name is Isabelle, but just call me Belle. I have brown curly hair, hazel eyes, 20 years old, famous. Oh did I mention Niall Horan, yes the NIALL HORAN, is my boyfriend?

I guess hes coming to town today and I want to suprise him because, 1. Hes only going to be here for a month 2. I never get to see him. But I would of never guessed what would happen after not seeing your boyfriend for at least 6 months.


I heard giggling from Nialls room and it wasn't his. Seeing him about to have sex with my best friend Demi Lovato is not cool at all!

Belle: oh sorry am I interrupting somthing? Oh ya I am. Ill just leave you two to it.

Niall: Belle wait! I can explain...

Belle: No Niall Horan! How could you? I should of known! Oh wait i did, just because i haven't seen you in about 6 months that doesn't mean 'oh since I haven't seen Belle in a while i might as well just go cheat on her with her best friend.' Or should i say ex best friend.

Not letting them answer I ran to Louis's room not knowing what to do besides cry....


I know short crapy chapter will update again tonight promise!!!

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