Moving On With Life

"Oh sorry was I interrupting something? Oh ya I am, ill just leave you to it" "Belle wait! I can explain..." "No Niall Horan how could you?" Isabelle asked. She ran to louis's room not knowing what to do besides cry....


3. I should go


"Wait you knew?"

End of Recap

Zayns POV

How could he say it out loud? Ya we all knew but he was supposed to tell her easily plus I this affair was over.

Belle: wow Zayn I thought you would if told me before this

Did I say that out loud?

Everyone: yes

Damn it -.-

Belles POV

How could they? I thought I could trust them

Belle: I should go

I grabbed my stuff and ran out before they could say anything


Short I know sorry but I need a co owner so.. CONTEST TIME

send me a link of some writing you've written in the comments



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