The figure in the mist

Harriet is a normal girl. she has a normal life and normal family. she misses her best friend Gemma badly and cant wait until her return to the country. But first she has to get through a horrible visit from her cousin. And that's where things start to go wrong...


1. Just a dream

It was dark and cold. I stood still, trying to get my bearings and figure out where I was. why I was here. what I was doing. What I was looking for. I searched wildly for answers but none came. I opened my eyes and blinked, focusing on the place I had come to. I could see tall pillars reaching up to the high ceilings, which were made of stone. I could feel the hard marble floor with its biting coldness, sapping the warmth from my feet, my body. The length of the stone walls either side of me stretched forwards and narrowed to a point about fifty meters away. At the end of the hall, I saw a tall figure, cloaked in darkness. I could not place who it might have been as they were shrouded in darkness, but I felt a certain familiar pull in my stomach, telling me that I knew who this strange person was. the person was walking towards me, slowly, deliberately, like they knew it was going to send strange feelings down to the pit of my stomach. they reached to about normal standing distance if someone was having a conversation with you and stopped. I realized that this whole time the person had not raised there head. I could smell the putrid scent of burning flesh, rolling of them in waves. I knew I should've run but something was holding  there, paralyzed to the spot. Just as i was about to ask the figure if they wanted anything, the whole hall became filled with a dark and smoky like mist. Then, out of the dark grey billowing clouds of mist, I saw a flash of burning red at the end of the hall. My instincts screamed at me to run away from it, but I found myself being pulled by the same irresistible pull that I had been before, running straight towards it. I ended up about five feet away from the dull red light before I realized that it wasn't a light. It was someones eyes glaring out from the darkness. Before my death came all i can remember was those red eyes...



I woke up, tangled in my bedding, breathing hard.Just a dream.Had I actually just watched my own death ? Why did i have to dream about that on today of all days!. I rolled over on one side to see my smiley face clock telling me that the time was quarter to eight. crap. my bus came at ten to eight. I jumped out of my bed and pulled on my clothes that i had thoughtfully arranged last night on my chair. my school bag was already packed as well, a first for me. I yanked my tank top over my head and pulled my hair hurriedly through a brush then back into a messy bun. I ran down the stairs and into to the kitchen to see my older brother mark, smirking as he held the last bit of toast in his hand. "need this sis ? well guess what you cant have it because I'm hungry" he said as he shoved it into his mouth. I gave him my evilest glare that i specially saved for him, and grabbed my hidden oat bar and banana that I saved yesterday for occasions such as this. "you're a pig mark. A really fat one" I said. And with that I ran out the door, grabbing my coat as i went.


By the time I reached the bus stop just down the road the bus was already parked there. I stepped up onto the bus and flashed my pass at the driver, then headed up the top to my favorite seat. I sat down and ate my secret breakfast in peace as we embarked on the journey to school. Thirty minutes later the bus pulled up to the front of the school gates and a steady rain was falling down. A message had just come through on my phone. I looked at who it was from. Mother. I opened it up and read ' Harriet i do not appreciate being woken up by you and mark bickering ! also come straight home after school as your cousin Angela is coming to stay for a month. I expect you as always to be on your best behavior. Or else. love mum.' . I put my phone in my pocket in disgust. I loathed my cousin Angela as she was exactly the opposite as me, a girly-girl who was well behaved and acted like she was royalty. when in reality she was just a spoilt girl who dresses like she was a princess. And whenever she came to stay mum always seemed to pick up on my behavior in contrast with Angela's. My behavior wasn't terrible i just wasn't as interested in being all pretty and girly all the time as she was. I walked into my form room and sat in my seat in front of my friend George and turned around to have a chat. but he wasn't there. As always he was late to lessons again. Our teacher miss ranger walked in the form room door. She was a tall willowy woman with jet black hair and beautiful bright green eyes, like the ones the princesses had in the fairy stories. she was a joyful woman who had an easy temperament but she was firm as well. she swore she had no favorites but she always forgave George for being late to lesson and had overlooked my missing homework loads of time. All in all she was a pretty decent teacher. "good morning everyone. Now is everyone here ?" she began to call the register. As she got nearer and nearer to Georges name, I started to count down from ten. "George ?" miss ranger called. A moment later, George came bursting through the door of the form room. " here miss, im here now" he panted. "oh George will you ever be on time ?" miss ranger sighed. " sorry miss, the usual you know lost bag, missed bus, over slept." he retorted cheekily. He joined me at our desk and reached for my hand under the desk and gave it a small squeeze. He must have spotted my long face. " hey harry, how you doing " he said. then he gave me his most Georgy-ist smiles ever, knowing it would make me feel better. I gave his hand a squeeze back to reassure him that i was fine. "im fine George thanks, I'll tell you the rest at break". We pent the first hour of school having form time with miss ranger, doing all sorts of different team building activities. Then finally break came and I was free to tell George all about Angela coming to stay . He Ummed and ahhed in the appropriate places, but i could tell his feeling wasn't in it. Angela was extremely pretty and her effect left everyone slightly dazzled when they first met her, including George, the most unchangeable person ever. The rest of the day whizzed by at school, to my disappointment, and soon it was time to collect Angela. Oh joy

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