1. Expectations Chapter One

I ambled around the palace, trying to walk out the stress. the cracks in the vast walls were getting bigger. Father said I was imagining things. I drifted out into the grounds to get some fresh air. The gardens were sprawling with majestic horses, golden chariots bringing up the rear. I soluted a driver and told him to take me to the normal place. He was attired in many rich garments, like he was draped in the finest quilts. As the horses trotted out of the town square. I watched the people bustling through stalls, babies crying, fathers gambling. People whispering.

The air tasted fresh and sweet but there was something different. It tickeled the back of my throat. As the wooden wheels rattled through the willow trees of the mount, I watched quizzically as the swans flew north. It was summer. They should be gliding over the town, fluttering their glorious wings and aliting on the sapphire lakes.

The horses kicked up the fallen leaves, that flitted from side to side. The wind whisked them away in a cloud of ashes. Odd. Reaching my destination, I clambered out of the carriage and stood in the shrivelled up grass. Peculiar. Then I realized the grasses fate. Heat shot up through my roman sandals. The flowers were wilted and the tree's branches were limp, like boneless arms, low to the ground.

The sky was over cast and cruel, sending me unwanted messages. The earth trembled and shuddered under my feet. Smoke crowded my nose. Then it happened...

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