true love

One direction are on there world tour but what they don't expect is one of them falls in love


1. HI i'm Sophie

Hi i'm Sophie.....i am 16 years not keen on music really but i have got a best friend who LOVES one direction, she has EVERYTHING of one direction her name is Jessica. Me and Jessica go to All Hallows. 

It's Monday morning and i am waiting for Jessica to come to school. We meet at 8:15 in the car park every morning. I saw her car in the distance and slowly come towards me, her car parked and then i saw Jessica smiling at me. I saw she has something in her hand behind her back. I started to think about what could it be but after a second i gave up. When she came up to me i asked her what was it and she pulled her hand from behind her back and open her fingers in her hand was VIP back stage passes to the 1D concert we are going to in 5 months in Rome. The second bell went and we went to form, our form teacher  is called Mrs Burke, she is really nice, form is 15 mins from 8:45 to 9:00. The bell finally rings for 1st period, everyone gets up and walks out. Jessica turned around and said to me "im so excited for Rome and then going to see the most amazing boys ever" i looked at her and Laughed, i nudged her and said your obsessed, we both laughed at walked to science, our teacher is Miss Conlin, she is really nice. Lessons are 50 mins. *50 mins later* we all packed up and me and Jessica walked to our next lesson talking about Rome and going to 1D Jessica was excited and i have to admit i was to, i mean you don't always get to go to a concert and 1D concert tickets  don't last long anyway. Me and Jessica are going to Rome for a full week and we are going to visit some tourist attractions to.  Jessica told Bethany about 1D concert and Bethany told Erika and they started to ask if they could come because turns out they were a massive fan of 1D to but me and Jessica hardly knew them so we wouldn't invite them to the biggest trip me and Jessica have ever gone on. they were upset but we did have to explain that if we knew each other better then maybe  we would say yeah sure you can come. *skipping all of the school day* 

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