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6. Niall for Breanna

Today was my 19th birthday and I was so excited to see what surprise Niall had for me. I put my hoop earrings into my ears and finished my makeup. I slipped on my black flats and zipped up the back of my blue dress. It was sparkly and extended to my knees. Niall told me to meet him at this fancy resturaunt down the road from my place. I jogged down the stairs and went to my car.

-skip car ride-

I arrived at the resturaunt and it was huge! I walked in.

"Hello I'm meeting someone. Last name Horan." I say to the hostess.

"Oh yep right this way." She says with a smile.

I see Niall at the same time he sees me. He smiles when I sit down.

"Hey babe."

-skip din din sorry-

We order desert and Niall orders me a peice of cake because it my birthday. When the cake comes I see something poking out. I take it bout to se it's a peice if paper.

Will you marry me Breanna?

I gasp as I turn to see Niall on one knee.

"So?" He asks.

"Yes!" I say as I jump to him and kiss him.

I hope you liked it love!

Love you lovies!-xx

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