One direction imagines

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2. Louis for Donna

Donna's POV-

I slipped on my dark brown leather boots and slowly zipped them up. My locking boyfriend Louis called me from the studio and told me to meet him in the park at 11:00pm I don't know why but I went with it. For my outfit I was wearing light blue skinny jeans with a maroon v neck long sleeve and my brown leather boot. I peeked outside my window to see snow falling. The ground was completely white. I looked at my clock and it was 10:55. I threw on my beenie coat and gloves and drove to the park.

Louis POV

She's gonna be here any second.

I thought as I held the small black box in my pocket. I hope she says yes.

Donna POV

I parked my car and walked down the snowy path as I looked for Louis. I saw him standing by the large fountain.

"Hey babe." I say kissing him.

He kisses back.

"Why are we here?" I asked. As soon as I finished my sentence the whole fountain lit up with beautiful lights. So were the trees.

"Wow" I breathed.

I turned back to Louis to see him down on one knee.

"Donna. I have loved you ever since I met you. You are so beautiful. And I want you to be mine. Forever. Will you marry me?" He says.

I cover my mouth with my hands tears slipping down my cheeks.

"Yes Louis, yes!" I say as he slips the ring into my finger. I jump into his arms and kiss him.

"It's beautiful." I say kissing him one more time.

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