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3. Harry for Kylie

Kylie POV

"I can't believe you Styles! First you lied and then you're rolling around in the sheets with my best friend?!" I scream throwing random objects at him.

"Babe I'm sorry." He mumbled.

"I'm sorry doesn't cut it!! And don't call me babe! I'm leaving. Have fun with your new girlfriend!" I scream as I point at the girl covering herself with the bed sheets. I storm into the bedroom and glare at my ex best friend.

"Get out now." I demanded.

I've never seen a girl get dressed so quickly.

I start packing my bag. I was zipping it up when I felt someone grab my arm.

"What the he-"

Harry spun me around and smashed his lips into mine. I struggled to break the kiss but soon gave up. His hands started wondering under my shirt. He broke the kiss and slid off my shirt with a smirk on his face. I tried to back away but he smashed me against the wall. He held both my wrists in one hand above my head. He held my waist with the other and he started kissing down my neck. He kissed my chest making me moan. He ventured his free hand down to my jeans un zipping them and sliding them down. He picked me up and softly laid me down on the bed. I moaned as he kissed my inner thighs. His hands ventured up and I slapped them away.

"What?" He said stunned.

"We're still fight remember?" I say smiling.

Let's just say. We had quite a fun night.

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