Dream Up A Romance

If you want your own personal romance, let me know you name, the boys name or girls name, informstion about yourself, such as looks, and personality, and age. Then all you need to do is tell me a plot on what you want to do with the boy, or girl :) Whatever you want to happen will happen ^_^ So get dreaming up your special romantic chapter Xx

Girls, and boys can get involved, anyone is welcome to comment there dream romantic chapter xxxx


3. Prez NightshadeAppleshine: Beast Boy

Prez was a beautiful young 14 year old girl. She was quite short, a little pudgy, and had long curly brown hair. Her round face full of freckles, and her glasses covered her hazel eyes. Prez was quite an intelligent young lady, but shy around new people. She was always either reading, writing, making videos, or watching one of her favourite sh ows on tv. One day she was watching Teen Titans. She was daydreaming about being Beasts Boys girlfriend, as she always did.

One day while she was watching Teen Titans she was suddenly suvked into the tv screen. She was in the programme, and Beast Boy was approaching her. Prez shuddered nervously as Beast Boy stopped before her. She forced herself to look up at him. She found herself gazing into his green eyes. He looked slightly confused as he said "I'tve never seen you around here before. Who are you?" Prez stuttered nervously as she spoke. "My, my names Prez". Beast Boy said "pleased to meet you I'm-" Prez shyly interupted him saying sweetly "oh I know exactly who you are". Beast Boy looked slightly puzzled. "How do you know me?" Prez said, her heart all a flutter "now this may sound disturbing, but I watch you all the time". Beast Boy said sternly "your right, it does".

Beast Boy said with a creeped out laugh "so your the one who keeps stalking me". Prez laughed uneasily as she replied with "sort of". Beast Boy said nothing more as he said withba friendly smile "how about you join me for dinner". Prez excitedly said "sure". With that she followed Beast Boy to a quiet little resterant at the edge of town. They found an empty sofa at the back of the resturant. A pretty blonde waitress dressed in red holding clipboard took their order. Beast Boy said aloud "I'll have fish and chips, with a glass of iced coke". The waitress then turned to Prez as she quickly said "what he's having".

As soon as the waitress left Beast Boy began talking in a serious voice. "Why do you always watch me?" Prez shuddered nervously and said dumbly "I dunno". Beast Boy smiled and said cheekily "do you have a thing for me?" Prez blushed and said sternly "no of course not. Don't be ridiculous!" Beast Boy sighed and said sadly "that's a shame". Prez looked a little confused as she asked "how come?" Beast Boy looked down at the table and slowly replied with "because I have a thing for you". Prez gasped and said a little shocked "you don't even know me". Beast Boy said softly "you may not know this, but I have watched you watching me daily, and I have fallen in love with your looks, your voice, and your personality".

Prez said nothing, she had no idea what to say. Beast Boy said with a tear in his eye "It's just a shame you don't feel the same way that I do". Prez cried out happily "I do feel the same way! I was just afraid you didn't feel the way I do". Beast Boy held her hand across the table as Prez felt her rosy cheeks warming to his touch. As they both leaned across the table, their lips colliding, the waitress returned with their fish and chips, causing Prez to awaken. She had dozed off on the sofa. But longer did she feel depressed, because she felt Beast Boy was slso watching her. She felt loved, and hoped one day she would dream about her love once more.


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