~You And I~

This story is about two Polish girls that live in Connecticut and are in love with
One Direction. Their names are Kasia and Oliwia. What happens when they go to a One Direction concert? Will they meet the band? Will anyone fall in love?


14. what the HELL just happened?!!!??!!


Kasia's P.O.V.



 Okay why the fuck did she just faint?? I thought to myself..

Well I need to call Harry and Niall now..

*** Calling Babe ***

H-Hey Kas, what's up?

K-Harry, Liv kind of fainted..

K-so hurry up!!!

|*** Call Ended ***|








Harry's POV





Me and Niall were driving to Oliwia's house but then I got a call from Kasia and she's saying that Oliwia fainted and to hurry up so we can take her to the hospital..



"Oliwia fainted so hurry up!!"

"She what?!??!??" As he said that the car was going faster.

'Wow he really loves her!!' I whispered to myself.

"What did you say lad?"


|*five minutes later*|

We walk into Oliwia's house.

"Finally why did it take so long?!!?!?" Kasia yelled as she opened the door for us.


We got into the car and drove quickly to the hospital.




Niall's POV




I hope she is okay.

I want to ask her something important!!










What did you think Niall will want to say to Oliwia?!??!


Doneeeeeeeeee!! Hope you enjoyed it bye



TWITTER: Kasia's: @kasiastyles1

Oliwia's: @livveylove143


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