~You And I~

This story is about two Polish girls that live in Connecticut and are in love with
One Direction. Their names are Kasia and Oliwia. What happens when they go to a One Direction concert? Will they meet the band? Will anyone fall in love?


11. What did they tweet???

~Oliwia's POV~

I ran out of the stadium. Even though I heard Niall calling my name. I went to grab my phone from my pocket to texted my brother to come and get me but then I realized that my phone wasn't there. "Shit" I say to myself. I really cant go back there so I go to my car and drive home. Sorry Kasia but one of the boys can drive you home. I really hate that Niall saw my scars. Now he's going to take pity on me. And I hate when people do that. That's why nobody knows. I was think so much I nearly caused a car crash.

-At home-

I got home and unlocked my house. I really hope Matt isn't here because I don't want to explain to him what happened. I go inside lock the door and put my keys down. I take my shoes and jacket off. Then I her the pitter patter of my dogs paws coming down the stairs. "Hi Chicka!" I say to her while she is jumping on me happily. "Liv? Is that you?" shit guess Matt is home. "yea Im gonna be up in my room." I say and run upstairs before he can say anything else. I get on my laptop and long onto my facebook. I also have to start writing a stupid paper for English so might as well start now. As im writing my paper my dog is laying next to me. My door opens and my dog's and my head shoot up. My brother peaks his head through the door and asks. "Hey are you ok? You don't  seem like yourself." "I'm fine." I lie. He raises an eyebrow at me because he knows I'm lieing. So I explain to him everything that happened. At the end he his sitting on my bed hugging me. He goes back downstairs and I finish my paper. As I put my last period on the paper the doorbell rings. "Matt can you get that." I scream. "No get off your lazy ass and answer it." "Ughhhh" I get up and open before I can see who it is the person hugs me. "UMMM" I say. "I am so glad you're ok but you also have a lot of explaining to do young lady." Ah yes the sweet voice of my amazing but sometimes bitchy best friend. "I know" so I invite her in and tell her everything. And once im finished its too late for her to go home so she just sleeps here. Oh and I forgot to mention she gave me my phone back. YESSSSS!!!


I am making sandwiches for Kasia and I while my brother is eating one that I already made. I am putting the butter on the sandwich and my brother says. "Hey aren't those the guys you two have crushes on?" "yea turn it up" (the host of the show says the next part) "One Direction's Niall Horan and Harry styles in love?? Find out more after the break." Matt then starts laughing "hahaha guess you lost your chance with him. right baby sis?" "shut up" I say. "yeah Matt shut up you never know maybe they fell in love with us." Kasia says. (Host) One Direction's Niall and Harry tweet that they might have fallen in love with (Niall Horan) @livveylove143 and Harry with @kasiastyles1." "WHAT DID THEY TWEET?!?!?!" Kasia, Matt and I screamed and have socked expressions on our faces.


Written by Oliwia/Liv. Those are our real twitters so please follow us.

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