~You And I~

This story is about two Polish girls that live in Connecticut and are in love with
One Direction. Their names are Kasia and Oliwia. What happens when they go to a One Direction concert? Will they meet the band? Will anyone fall in love?


13. ~Coming to See You~

~Oliwia's POV~

Kasia and I were chilling in the living room watching TV and thinking about what happened in the morning. (Which means Harry and Niall tweeting that they are in love.) All of a sudden my phone rings on the coffee table. I pick it up an see it's an incoming call from an unknown number. I show Kasia and she shrugs and says "Answer it maybe it will be a cute guy who got the wrong number." "How would i know if it's a cute guy if i cant see his face" *silence* "You know what, stop being such a smart ass." "You lovev me anyway." I say to her and answer the phone.

---- Phone Conversation------


H-Hey Oliwia, how you feeling?



O-How did you get my number?

H-Kasia gave it to me. 

(Kasia was listening in to this whole conversation)

*I look at Kasia and she smiles at me innocently.*

O-Oh, well why did you call?

H-To tell you to stay home for the next 30 mins at least 


H-because we are 10 mins away from your house and Niall needs to talk to you.


H-Yeah Bye!!

*he hangs up*

"I cant believe Harry" I say to Kasia. "I can. Oh come on he's a sweet guy" She says defending him. "Since when do you defend other people besides me?" "Since I got a boyfriend" "BOYFRIEND??" I look at her confused. Then I realize "NO! Harry's your boyfriend?!?!?!" "Mhmm" "I feel like im gonna faint" I say. Then everything starts getting dizzy and the last thing I hear is a Kasia calling my name and a knock on the door. But then everything goes black.


Updated because Kasia would kill me if i didn't!! lol ~Oliwia



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