~You And I~

This story is about two Polish girls that live in Connecticut and are in love with
One Direction. Their names are Kasia and Oliwia. What happens when they go to a One Direction concert? Will they meet the band? Will anyone fall in love?


8. After the Concert

~Oliwia's POV~

~Skipping the concert~

"OMG that was the best concert ever!" I yell "I know!" Kasia yelled back. "Come on let's go home" "who said we were done here" " what are you talking about?" I asked getting worried. "You said you wanted to go backstage so let's go" "really?!?!?!" "yea bitch lets go" Kasia said as she dragged me to stadium again. "Wait how did you get backstage passes?" "I didn't" "Then how are we gonna get in there without backstage passes?" I asked really confused. "We gonna sneak in duhh." Kasia says as she is climbing through an open window. "WHAT?!?! Kasia we cant sneak in backstage." "Oh relax and come on I know you want to meet Niall. Do it for Niall and for me. Your best friend who wants to meet Harry Styles so fucking bad." She says while pulling on a puppy face. "ughh fine bitch but if we get caught its on you." I say Kasia rolled her eyes and " yeah yeah whatever." We sneak in and found out we are in one of the boys dressing rooms. "who's dressing room is this?" Kasia asked "How should I know ?" I say to her. WE look around and I find Niall's guitar. "OMG look it's Niall's cause his guitar is right there!!" I say "Oh, I was hoping for Harry's. Damn it!" I pick up the guitar and start playing a little. "Woah woah woah What are you doing?" Kasia asks. " Oh come on you always told me to live a little so why cant I play a little?" "Ugh fine but hurry up cause I want to go to Harry's." "alright alright" I say. I play a little more while Kasia sings to the melody. Then we hear the famous Niall Horan laugh! "Shit" We both whisper/yelled at the same time. I quickly put the guitar down and hide behind the coach with Kasia. "HAHAHAHA Alright thanks mate" We hear Niall say as he opens his dressing room door then closes it. I breath really heavily and Niall hears it. Oops! "Ello?"  he says "Someone in here?" We hear him coming closer to the couch. Oh shit! He's gonna find us and we are going to be in huge trouble. "Niall, mate let's go we have to go to the meeting" We hear Louis say. "Oh yea mate I'm coming just thought I heard something" They leave and close the door behind them. We get out from behind the couch. "Pheww, That was close" Kasia says and I nod agreeing to her. "Ok let's go to Harry's."  She says really excited. Ughh!!! I open the door and bump into someone I look up and my eyes meeting the beautiful blue eyes. "uhh Hi" I say. "Um hey" We were looking into each others eyes until Kasia just HAD to ruin the moment by saying "Can we go to Harry's now?" Niall asks if we have backstage passes and we just stay quiet. "So you sneaked backstage?" "Umm Yeah hehehe" We say. "You're lucky I think you're pretty awesome because I have 2 passes right here." "Wow Thanks Niall!" "No problem" "Oh right I'm Oliwia and this is Kasia." "very unusual names" "Yea we're Polish." I say. "Nice. So Kasia, Harry's in his dressing room, 3 door on you're left, and give im this for me." He says as he writes down a note to Harry. "OK thanks" Kasia says and goes running to Harry's dressing room. While I stay here with Niall.


Written by Oliwia.

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