Within these pages

For Eden, books, particularly stories, hold memories. Precious moments caught between the pages. And there is one place that she keeps these memories: the library. Join Eden on her journey of remembrance.


2. The Library

I sighed as the unwanted image of my room, with its warm bed, drifted into my mind. I shook my head, banishing these unbidden thoughts, and concentrated on what I was doing. I moved further into the darkened room, floorboards cold under my bare feet. Quickly, and quietly, I shut the door behind me.

The library.

Row upon row of bookshelves stretched before me, all full of books.

Wonderful books.

Fiction, and non-fiction; magic, mystery, murder; romance, horror, thriller; fantasy, sci-fi, supernatural; action, adventure, pure awesomness! They were all here.

I am a reader, a writer; a beater and biter of words. Stories are my passion - reading takes you to places you've never been, lets you meet new people, and go on fantastic adventures, all from the comfort of your own home! Writing creates these fascinating things. Getting lost in a fictional world is the best feeling ever. It also helps you forget your troubles, helps you calm down, and makes you smile when you are down.

I didn't collect memories in souvenirs:

I found them in books.

I loved the library here, and subsequently spent a lot of time in here. So many stories, so many memories!

I inhaled deeply. Even the smell brought them crashing back - the musty, slightly damp odour  with just a hint of magic that reminded me of the smell of dust after rain. Petrichor. That was the word, I reminded myself. It was reminiscent of the cold winter days spent in here with my parents, Uncle Drake and my sister, Annie.


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