In Love With my Brother

People say falling in love isn't real, it doesn't exist, but when Stevie Payne and her brother Liam Payne fall in love with each other it's nothing but weird and wrong. Stevie and Liam are confused as to how they could fall in love with each other when they are brother and sister. It confuses them but they can't stay away from each other and their love for each other is kept a secret. Sneaking into a bathroom or closet to kiss isn't exactly ideal, but the brother and sister will do whatever it takes to stay with each other. What will happen when their secrets are revealed, will their love survive ot die? Read in love with my brother. (One Direction not famous)


1. Oh, Brother

Stevie's Pov

I woke up this morning to singing. Must be Liam, my brother, he loves to sing. I keep on telling him to try out for the X Factor but he won't listen to me. Oh well. I got out of bed and turned on my shower. I got in and let the hot water fall over my body. I washed all the dirt and sweat off of my body. It felt so nice.

Eventually I got out and dried my body, trying to  decide on what to wear to school today. I settled on a pair of light blue skinny jeans, a striped v-neck, and some red vans. I decided on letting my hair dry naturally and I went downstairs.

I walked into the kitchen to be met by the smell of pancakes, and the smiling faces of my parents and Liam.

"Hey sis!" Liam said cheerfully, smiling like an idiot.

"What's with the overly cheery mood?" I asked him.

"Well, mom and dad have some news!" he said. Great, whenever mom and dad have news, it's usually bad.

"Soooooo...." I said.

"So," my mom began,"your father and I are going away tonight and you guys have the house to yourselves for the night."

"That was the big, important news Liam was all excited about?"

"Yeah!" Liam said defensively.

"Whatever," I began, "We stay home alone all the time."

"Good now I expect good behavior from both of you!" my father said sternly."No parties!"

"Okay, okay dad, we get it, go have fun tonight. When will you guys be back?" I asked.

"We will be home tomorrow at around 8 pm." my mother said.

"We need to leave now by guys!" my father said. They hugged us, grabbed their luggage and got in the car and drove off.

"So we having a party?" I asked my brother who was already on his phone texting people.

My question was answered when I got a group text from Liam that said, 'Party at my house 2nite, 7 pm, be there.'

And so I guess we're having a party.

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