1Direction High School [Hiatus]

A new girl arrives to 1Direction High School. She meets 1D and somehow changes their lives. The boys found themselves falling for this girl. Who will claim her heart?


5. Chapter 4|Meeting


After a lesson of maths, it finally lunch time. All thinking it was a usual lunchtime with sercurity guards around their lunch table preventing lunatic fans from crowding them. Oh how wrong they were...


"So where should we go?" Harry asked the guys as they sat down in their table having their lunch with 2 securities around it. "Beats me," said Louis with a mouthful of salad "I don't care where we go as long as there are beaches there! I really want a tan." "Me too, I want somewhere where there are lots of shops!" Zayn said. Harry looked around the table seeing his friends all nodding and putting in suggestions until he suddenly remembered, "Hey guys, where's Amelia? We asked her to join us to lunch right?" Every nodded. "Where is she? Lunch already started 10minutes ago. Should we go look for her? Besides she looks hot!" cried Niall. Everyone agrred, especially on the last part, "Yeah lets go" The rest said in sync.


Amelia closed her locker after to putting her books in. She started to head towards the cafeteria but was blocked by 3 girls. The girl standing in the middle approached her. She had blonde and slightly curly hair with her frindge at her side being held by a star shaped hair clip. Amelia notice she wore a yellow vest that stopped just below her breast showing off her belly, a white fluffy coat, a tight pink skirt that was 10 inches above her knees and black boots with two small pompoms hanging off it.

"Hello Amelia you must be new here. Im Casandra. And these two behind me are Sally and Daisy." The girl Casandra stated rather too sweetly as the girl on her right, Daisy, her brown her pulled into a pony tail, wearing a green tube top with an identical skirt as Casandra's except yellow. She also had sparkly pink high heels. The girl on Cansandra's left, Sally, brown hair that reached to her neck, white vest with the words 'I love 1D' on it, purple shorts and green sandles.

"Umm hello Cansandra, Sally, Daisy ncie to meet you!" Amelia replied happily with a bit of hesitation. The three girls infront of her said nothing else but stepped forward causing Amelia to step backwards untill her back hit her locker. "Listen girl, stay away from 1direction or else you're gonna regret it." Casandra said darkly her voice dripping with venom. And by the look of her eyes, there seems to be many ideas of what to do if she disobeys her and there was no doubt that she'd go through it. She then slapped her in the face leaving a handprint on her left cheek. "This is a warning if you ever disobey me"

Amelia opened her mouth to reply but was stopped when Harry ran towards her asking, "Hey what are you doing here? You were suppose to have lunch with us." The three girls faces immedietly darkened by the last sentence. "And what happend to your face?" Harry stated worringly. "Oh sorry! I forogt. I just met Cansandra, Sally and Daisy. And this?" Amelia gestured to her pink cheek, "Its nothing" Harry looked unconvinced then looked over to her left finally noticing the 3 girls standing there. 'Ugh those three again. Crazy fans. Sometimes I hate being famous.' thoguth Harry. Harry simply nodded at them in acknowledgement before heading off holding Amelia's hand. Amelia looked over her shoulder at the three girls. Before she turned her head around again to face the front she heard them muttering something to eachother. She caught only one sentence.

"She will live to regret this"

A/N-Finally done another chapter.  Where do you think they should go? Write down your suggestions in the comments thanks! I'll probably update around next wednesday.

Goodnight -_-Zz Etsuko~



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