1Direction High School [Hiatus]

A new girl arrives to 1Direction High School. She meets 1D and somehow changes their lives. The boys found themselves falling for this girl. Who will claim her heart?


4. Chapter 3|Free Trip


Turning left at the end of the corridor, they reached their lockers. They were prepared for lots of paper hearts to fall out of their lockers but they werent ecpecting this.


The five boys stood infront of their opened lockers shocked at the sight. A guitar each fitted neatly inside their individual lockers. Each different besides their names written in fancy gold writing on the body of the guitar.  Niall recieved an aqua coloured guitar, Harry red, Liam gold, Zayn dark blue and Louis black.All wondering who gave them it. Their  thoughts were answered when Zayn found a small folded note stuck onto his guitar. The remaining boys gathered around him as he read the note.


                  These are the gifts are for you for achieving more than 1million watches on our newest music video. You are also given a free trip to a place you favor as a reward with $1000 spending money. Contact me once you have chosen your ideal holiday. Have fun.

                                                                                                                      Your manager, John W. 

The boys stood there shocked after reading the note. Naill had looks of glee and excitement flashing across his face. Harry was bouncing up and down, Zayn was just staring at the note in his notes with his mouth open like a fish. Apparently Louis fainted into Liam's arms who's begining to think 'Man he is heavy.'

5 minutes later~

They finally got over their shock or in Louis' case, finally woke up and decided to celebrate when they got home into an apartment they all shared. They decide to buy an apartment since the fangirls or as Louis likes to put it, 'the horrendous, spine-chilling fangirls' chasing them trying to get into his pants. (A/N-Lol i just had to put that in) After a lesson of maths, it finally lunch time. All thinking it was a usual lunchtime with sercurity guards around their lunch table preventing lunatic fans from crowding them. Oh how wrong they were...

A/N-I'll probably update next wednesday or something. Hope you'll still like it!^^ Thanks for reading once again!

Toodles Etsuko~

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