1Direction High School [Hiatus]

A new girl arrives to 1Direction High School. She meets 1D and somehow changes their lives. The boys found themselves falling for this girl. Who will claim her heart?


3. Chapter 2|Unexpected


Amelia stood and started to leave. However she was stopped when her name was called, "Amelia!" Girls gasping was heard around the room wondering why in the world would 1D run after the new girl.


"umm what do you want?" asked Amelia curiously. The 5 boys looked at each other before Harry spoke with a kind smile, "Want to sit with us at lunch? Since you might not met anyone else yet."  The other boys nodded ok as Amelia agreed and walked towards her locker. The girls behind the boys were all either glaring at the place Amelia once stood, or fainted or gasping with an unexplainable look on their faces. The boys started to walk towards their own lockers oblivious to the glares from the fangirls. Turning left at the end of the corridor, they reached their lockers. They were prepared for lots of paper hearts to fall out of their lockers but they werent ecpecting this.

A/N- Short? I know. Sorry ^^" To make up for it, I'll publish the next chapter around Friday/Saturday.

Toodles! Etsuko~

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