Doctor Who Script - When The Sun Goes Down

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  • Published: 28 Nov 2013
  • Updated: 28 Nov 2013
  • Status: Complete
It has been 50 years since The Doctor left Amy and Rory. After a call from UNIT, The Doctpor arrives in the year 2259 to find a new assistant is being forcibly given to him - one who is just as reluctant to travel with him as he is to take a new assistant on board.


1. Character List

The Doctor:
 As played by Matt Smith, costume as of series 5, 6 and 7 part 1 (brown tweed jacket, bow tie, checked shirt, braces etc.


Samantha “Sami” Arlock:
 5ft 7, black hair in a pixie cut, pretty, wears black combat boots, dark blue t-shirt, dark tight-fitting jeans, and a black leather jacket with red lines along the sleeves and around the cuffs, early- to mid-twenties, American


Brigadier James Crixton:
 Mid-thirties, brown hair, dressed in standard UNIT gear like Brigadier LS in Classic series, complete with red beret


Augustus Dangor:
 The mayor of Little Rodenville, wearing traditional 1850s smart clothes, head of the council, in his 50s, grey hair and trimmed beard, monocle, short and round


Elijah Fowler:
 The judge and jury of LR, member of the council, traditional 1850s smart clothes, clean-shaven, early 40s, black hair, slightly taller than average, thin body


Christian Black:
 Doctor of LR, member of the council, traditional 1850s clothes, half-moon glasses medium height, thin body, late 30s


Annie Cress:
 Treasurer of the Council, smart 1850s clothes, long brown hair, tall for a woman


Jonathan Bishop:
 Tall, muscular, short dirty blond hair, quiet, early 20s


Adriana Bishop:
 Small, vulnerable, pretty, quiet, shy, long blonde hair, 15 years old


Robert Freeman:
 Very tall, very muscular, dressed in classic miner’s clothes, blonde hair, stubble, late 30s

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