Step brother

Step Brother
"Sweety! Wake up!" my mum woke me up at 3:30 am. Well, I’m (Y/N) and I live in L.A. only with my mum. My dad leaved us, when I was very young. I’m 16 and I don’t have any brother or sisters........

This is a amazing story from: officialjustinbieberimagines
I just want to share this beautiful love story with you guys❤️


4. Step Brother - 4

Justin took my hand. “Thank you. You’re the best sister on the world. I love you.” I smiled. “I love you more.” He hugged me. “Let’s continue this later.” He winked. “Yeah, let’s drink some more vodka.” I smiled and winked back.


I went to the kitchen with him. He poured me a glass of wine. “Are you enjoying the party?” he smiled and made one sip. I nod and exed whole glass. “Wow, you’re fast.” He laughed. I winked. “I want more.” “Someone wants to be drunk?” “Less talking, more drinking.” He poured me another one. And another one. And another one.

I drank all of them. “You should stop!” He put the glass from my hand and took my hand. “Let’s dance.” I was already dizzy. I couldn’t even walk. I laughed all the time on our way in the living room. Everyone was smiling to me. “That’s the classic party girl.” I heard someone said. I wasn’t sure who. But I thought it was Ryan. “Thanks Ryan!” I yelled. “For what?” He was sitting on the sofa and playing drinking game.

"Oops." I whispered. "Justin, let’s play with them." He turned around. "Yeah, I’m not so sure. You drank too much." I quickly let my hand from his. "No I didn’t! I’m going to play with them." I wanted to run to them but he stopped me. "No, no. Come with me." He lifted me up and carried to our room.

He lied me on our bed and locked the doors. “Why… Are… You..-?” I didn’t know what was happening. “Shh, everything will be alright.” I looked at him and he took off his shirt. “Are we going to sleep? But the party is not over yet.” I mummbled. “No babe, we’re not going to sleep. Just relax.”

He lied on the top of me and started to kissing my neck. “Justin, is that you?” His hands slid under my T shirt. He unbuttoned my bra. “Yeah baby girl, it’s me.” I felt his cold hands on my skin. I sobered up for a moment and realised what were we doing. “Justin?!” I whispered harshly. “Yes?” He stopped and looked ta my eyes. “Is this right? What are we doing?” He kissed me passionately. “I’m not cheating anyone. It’s totally right.” I softly pushed him away and stood up. “You’re doing this to everyone. Don’t you? You’re a classic heart breaker.” He came closer to me and took my hands. “No (Y/N), that’s not true. I’m not using you. I love you.” “Yeah, like a sister. We will never be together. Like you said, we’re only brother and sister. That’s it. It will never changed.” I crossed my arms. He hugged me. “I don’t love you like a sis. I love you more than that.”

A tears came from my eyes. He wiped them and kissed me. “Don’t cry. I will never hurt you. When I first saw you, I fell in love immediately. I just thought you don’t like me.” I smiled. “You were mean to me. Remember? I tried to be nice, but you were so pathetic.” He laughed. “I’m sorry for everything.” I hugged and kissed him. I jumped on him and we fell on the bed.

My legs were wrapped around his waist and he was on the top of me. He helped me took my shirt and bra off. He broke the kiss when I helped him with taking off his pants. Now I was only in my underwear. He covered us with a blanket.

"Justin do you have-?" "Yes." He knew what I was thinking about. He stripped my underwear. I broke the kiss. "Justin..I’m.." He looked at me, biting his lip. "I’m virgin." I felt so embarrassed. I couldn’t even look in his eyes. "Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle." He touched my belly. And even lower. I stopped him. "I think I’m not ready." "Are you sure?" He touched my clit.

I couldn’t resist and moaned. “Are you sure we should stop?” He repeated. He touched it harder and started making circles on it. “Answer me.” I slowly opened my mouth. “Ye-” He slid one finger in. It pained a little.

"Yes Justin! Stop it." I pushed him away. He licked his lips. He was little disappointed. He made puppy face. "No Justin. I can’t do this." I put on my clothes and he did too.

"I’m sorry (Y/N)." "No, Justin, I’m sorry. But I know I’d regret it." He nod and sat on the bed. Someone knocked on the door. "Justin, (Y/N) are you there?" It was Emily. "Yes." I opened the doors. "What are you doing? We’re about to play truth or dare. Come with us." I smiled and nod. "We’re coming." She went downstairs. I looked Justin. "Are you coming?" He was sad. "I’m sorry Justin." "Yeah, I’m coming." He stood up and we went downstairs.

Ryan, Emily, and 2 other guys were sitting in the circle. Ryan waved to us. “Sit down bro.” I sat down next to Em, and Justin sat down next to Ryan, opposite of me. “Ok, Ryan will start.” Emily suggested. We nod. He picked truth. “Who was your 1. girlfirend?” I started. He put his head down. “This is strange, but it was Larissa.” He smiled. “Justin’s ex?” I was shocked. But he hates her! He nod.

"You embarrassed me, so it’s your turn. Truth yor dare?" I giggled. "Dare." He made an evil smile. "Kiss your left neighbour. With a tongue." I looked on my left side and there was some guy called Jason. He smiled to me. He was kinda cute. But not as cute as Justin. I looked at Justin and saw how jealous was he. "I guess I have no choice." I took a deep breath and kissed him. After 5 seconds I broke the kiss. I looked at Justin again and he was holding back the tears. "Pick the next one (Y/N)." "Justin. Truth or dare?" He looked at me. "Truth." He whispered. I was thinking what should I ask him. "I don’t know. Emily ask him instead of me." She nod. "Ok. Justin, who’d you pick, Larissa or (Y/N)?" He looked at me. "Uhm… I’d pick…" I looked my hands. "Guys, this is stupid, I’m not playing this anymore." He stood up and went upstairs. "What was that for?" Em asked. "That was so easy, I’d pick (Y/N)." "I’m gonna check him." I said and ran to our room.

I slowly opened the doors and peeked in. Justin was lying on the bed. I closed the doors and slowly went closer to him. “Are you ok?” He was crying. “No I’m not ok.” I sat on the bed next to him. “Why did you ran away? You’d pick Larissa. I know you would. And-” He stopped me. “No, I wouldn’t. I don’t love her. I never did. But they can’t suspect anything.” “Suspect what?” He turned around, so I could see him now. “About us. What were we doing. That I love you. More than just sister.” I didn’t know what to say. “I- I.. love you too. And sorry for before. I wasn’t sure. I thought you’re using girls only for doing this. And I’m virgin and I want my first to be perfect.” I started to cry. He kissed my cheek. “I’m sorry for rushing. If you want me to be your first, I’ll wait for you. I promise you.” I smiled and hugged him. “Thank you. I love you so much.” “I love you too baby.”


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