Step brother

Step Brother
"Sweety! Wake up!" my mum woke me up at 3:30 am. Well, I’m (Y/N) and I live in L.A. only with my mum. My dad leaved us, when I was very young. I’m 16 and I don’t have any brother or sisters........

This is a amazing story from: officialjustinbieberimagines
I just want to share this beautiful love story with you guys❤️


30. Step Brother - 30


I put my head on his chest. “Tomorrow we’re going in Atlanta.” Justin said. “O shit, I totally forgot about it.” I covered my mouth with hands. “It’s ok. You have all day long for packing. Actually we have to pack all house.” Justin giggled. I hugged him and we fell asleep.


Next morning:

I woke up by a strange sound. I slowly opened my eyes and rubbed them gently. I saw Justin packing stuff in boxes. “Morning.” I said and smiled. He looked at me and smiled back. “Morning babe. Guess what? The house is going to be even bigger in Atlanta.” He said and threw his bag into the box. “That’s great.” I said and stood up. I went to the bathroom.

I opened a drawer with toothbrushes. But there was only mine in it. “Mum!” I called. She came to me. “What’s wrong?” She asked and took towels. “Where are we going?” I put toothpaste on brush. “When we packed up. Around 10 pm.”

I nod my head and brushed my teeth. I went in the bedroom again and changed my clothes. I threw myself on the bed and closed my eyes. “It’s 10 am and you’re still tired?” Justin said when he came in the room. I giggled and nod. “Well, you better start packing your stuff.” He said and took another box.

I stood up and took the clothes from my wardrobe. I folded them and packed them into the box.


"I’m done!" I yelled while walking downstairs. "Carry this box in the car." Mum put another box into my hands. I nod and walked out. I out the luggage in the car. "Hey," I heard guy’s voice. I turned to my right. I saw my neighbor Alex. "Hello." I giggled. "Are you leaving already?" He asked and leaned on the fance.

I nod my head and went closer to him. “But 3 months ago you came here and now you’re leaving?” He crossed his arms and smiled. “Yeah. You know how a little thing can change everything.” He nod his head. “I think you better go.” I squeezed my eyes a little. “Why?” I asked. He pointed on Justin with his finger. I turned my head and saw him looking at us.

"Yeah, I should. See ya." I winked and walked to Justin. "What’s wrong with your face?" I asked him. He was still looking at Alex. "I don’t like this dude." He said squeezing his eyes. "Stop being jealous." I rolled my eyes and went inside the house.

Later: (10 pm)

"Can we go already?" I sighed and looked at mum. She was checking the house. "Mum?" I asked again. "Yes yes, we can go now." She said and we went into the car. "12 hours long flight." I gasped and rolled my eyes. I leaned my head on Justin’s shoulder. He kissed my forehead and took my hand. We drove to the airport.

At the airport:

We were waiting for a plane. It was already 12 pm. “I’m hungry.” I yawned and took a wallet from my bag. “I’ll buy something. Do you want anything?” I asked mum and Justin and put my coffee on the table. Mum nod and Justin stood up. “I’ll go with you.” He said and grabbed my hand.

We went in the store at the airport. I was looking at sandwiches. My eyes were so heavy. I rubbed them gently. Suddenly, I felt two hands on my back. “Tired, huh?” Justin asked. I nod my head and my head fell back on his shoulder. “Don’t worry, you can sleep on my thighs on the plane.” He whispered into my ear. I smiled and close my eyes. “I’m guessing you’re a bad boy.” I giggled.

Justin made a confused look. “Don’t talk so loud in the store.” He laughed and I winked. I grabbed 2 turkey sandwiches and bought them. I took Justin’s hand again and we walked in waiting room.

"We have to go." Mum said. I grabbed my coffee and quickly drank it.

On the plane:

"I’ll sit near the window." I said and sat on the seat. Justin sat next to me and my mum sat next to Justin. Stewardess gave us blankets and pillows. I took iPod from my bag, put my legs on Justin’s thighs and covered myself.

I unscrew my turkey sandwich and started eating it. “Want some?” I offered Justin one bite. He shook his head and rubbed my legs a little. I looked at mum and she was already sleeping. I looked and Justin and made a weird face. He shrug his shoulders and giggled.

I put my iPod on my belly and Justin took it. “You’re welcome.” I joked and smiled. When I ate sandwich, I leaned my back on the window and Justin leaned on me. I caressed his hair. They were so soft. Justin moaned a little. “It feels so good.” He whispered. I smiled and we fell asleep.


I woke up in the middle of the night. It was a little of turbulences, but it didn’t bother me so much. I saw Justin was uncomfortable, so I wake him up. I shook him gently and he opened his eyes. “Baby, head up.” I whispered and he lifted his head up. I moved my legs off of his thighs and he leaned his head on my belly.

"Good night." I whispered and kissed his cheek. He smiled and fell asleep again. I couldn’t fall asleep, so I went to the toilet. I opened doors of the bathroom and stepped in. "So small." I whispered to myself and looked at the mirror. I washed my face and made a pony tail. When I was done, I walked out.

"Finally." A girl sighed. She was waiting for the toilet. "Excuse me, but I’m human too." I said and rolled my eyes. She wide opened her eyes and stepped in. "What bitch." I whispered and walked away. I sat on the seat again and put earplugs in my ears. Finally I fell asleep.



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