Step brother

Step Brother
"Sweety! Wake up!" my mum woke me up at 3:30 am. Well, I’m (Y/N) and I live in L.A. only with my mum. My dad leaved us, when I was very young. I’m 16 and I don’t have any brother or sisters........

This is a amazing story from: officialjustinbieberimagines
I just want to share this beautiful love story with you guys❤️


16. Step Brother - 16


Harry slapped me. I put my hands on the cheek and cried. He stood up, unlock the doors and hid behind the doors. “(Y/N) what happened?” Justin put down the tea and sat next to me. I pointed on Harry with my finger. Justin quickly looked at him, but Harry took a gun and shoot him.


Boom. That’s all I heard next 2 seconds. Justin looked at his chest. It was full of blood right now. He touched the blood and closed his eyes. “Justin!” I yelled. He fell on the floor. I quickly get off the bed and went to Justin.

"Baby." I cried. I held his head and put it on my legs. I looked at Harry. He was looking at us. "Call the hospital!" He shook his head. He was proud of what he did. I was shocked. The love of my life was dying, and the person, I thought is my friend was just looking at us. Justin was breathing slowly. "(Y/N)…" He whispered. I quickly took my phone and called the hospital. "Guy is dying here, please, come quick." I told them my name and address.

"Patricia!" I yelled. Harry closed the doors. "She won’t hear you, bitch." I wanted to kill him, literally. I looked at Justin. "Baby, just don’t close your eyes, help is coming." Justin mummbled something, but I couldn’t understand him. "(Y/N), I… I love you. I always did. I hope…" He took a deep breath and slowly closed his eyes. "Justin!" I shook him gently. "I hope we’ll see each other in another world."

"No, babe, don’t say that. You’re not going to die." My tear fell on Justin’s face. He closed his eyes again. "Justin!" I shook him again, but harder. He wasn’t moving now. He wasn’t breathing. "Justin! No!" I screamed. I put my head on him and cried. "Don’t go baby. Don’t leave me alone."

"I love you." He mummbled again. "I love you too Justin." I whispered and his head fell on the side. I laid next to him and hugged him. My clothes were full of blood. I couldn’t stop crying. I just wanted to die. With him. I wanted to be happy with him in another world. Just me and him.

I slowly looked at Harry. He was laughing. “Is that a paint on your shirt?” He laughed like crazy. Heartless jerk. I stood up slowly, looking at Harry. “What have you done?!” I ran to him and pushed him on the wall. “Shut up bitch!” He slapped me again, and I fell on the ground.

Suddenly, I heard the ambulance car. “Stand up!” He yelled. I shook my head and crawled to Justin. Harry came closer to me and harshly grabbed my hand. “Let’s go!” I held Justin’s hand really tight. “I want to be with him, you killer.” I pushed Harry with my leg. “It’s enough.” He lifted me up, but I was moving like crazy. He drpped me down and I was lying on the floor. He hit me hard in my chest with his leg 5 times.

My eyes were slowly closing and I didn’t know what was happening.


I woke up in the car. I stood up, so I was sitting now. Harry was driving the car. “Where are we going?” I asked him. I was scared. He could do anything to me. He killed Justin. I felt the pain in my belly. I looked at it and it was red and blue with bruising.

"We’re going to a place, where nobody will ever find you, again." I cried. "Why are you doing this?" Silence. I heard only car driving. I looked out the window. I was so sad. I lost the one I loved. Suddenly, Harry stopped the car.

He turned around, so I was looking at him now. “I want to be happy. With you. Cause I love you.” I just couldn’t believe this. He killed Justin just him to be happy. “You’re psychopath.” I harshly said to him. He took my hand gently, but I quickly let it go. “Don’t you ever touch me again!” He looked down. “I’m so sorry for beating you.”

"You’re sorry for beating me? You killed my boyfriend!-" "He’s not your boyfriend, he’s your step brother!" He screamed at me. But wait, how did he know? Nobody knows, only me, Justin, my mum, Patrick, my dad and Patricia. "How do you know?" I slowly whispered.

He smiled. “I have a lot of secrets. “Yeah, when I met you, I thought you’re nice, but actually, you’re a killer.” He rolled his eyes. “I didn’t want to do this!” I took a deep breath. “And why did you do it?” He looked down again.

"Because I love you and…" He stopped. "What?! Tell me already!"

"Because Larissa said, she will kill me. And you. And I don’t want to lose you." I was more shocked. Larissa? Why her? "But she loves Justin. Why would she wants this?" "She wants you to be unhappy. Don’t you see?"

Yeah, but she won. I’m unhappy. For the rest of my life. I cried again. “I want to see Justin…” I whispered. “Shut up with him!” He yelled. Why is he so mean? And cruel?

Suddenly I woke up in the car with Justin. “(Y/N), are you ok?” I was sweating. “What happened?” I saw we were in the car. “We just talked about Larissa. I’m so sorry for doing this. I promise I won’t do it again.” Than I remembered. I looked out the window and saw Harry looking at us. Was that a vision? (if you don’t know what’s going on, read part 14)

"Justin, I’m so happy you’re here!" I hugged him really tight and started to cry. "Yeah, we talked and you froze for a minute. Are you ok?" I nod. "Go anywhere you want, just don’t go to Patricia’s place." I kissed him on the cheek and he drove away. I looked out and saw Harry crying. That really was a real vision.



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