Illegal Love

He's in College while I'm still in High school, we both love each other but he's way to old for me, but I guess when you love someone you'll break the law for them, so I guess you can call this Illegal love


2. Chapter One

-Rachel Marie Jones-

Pulling my jacket off my hanger I slipped it on before sliding my feet into my black combat boots, standing up straight I fixed my shirt before tossing my golden brown hair out of my face and over my shoulder. Walking over to my dresser I picked up my phone and placed it in my pocket before bending down to grab my bag off the floor. Looking over at the clock that was placed on my nightstand just by my bed it read 6:30. Where the hell is Justin, he should've been here 15 minutes go. Groaning to myself I walked out of my room shutting my door behind me and walking downstairs.

Placing my foot on the last step I heard a car honk, fuck finally it's about time he gets here, sighing I walked into the living room where my mom was going over to her I bent down and gave her a kiss on the cheek. "See you after school mom" I said before standing up straight, giving me a smile she turned to look at me. Raising her eyebrows she let out a soft chuckle."And who are you trying to impress young lady"She said giving me a light smirk, rolling my eyes playfully I let out a small giggle. "No one mom, now I got I go before Justin throws a hissy fit" I stated giving her one last kiss on the cheek before going over to the front door opening it, calling out one last bye to my mom I shut the door behinds and made my way over to his car.

Getting into the passenger side of Justin's car I shit the door and placed my bag on the floor before buckling up. Once my seat belt was all fastened up I looked over at Justin to see him eyeing my outfit. Smirking to myself I cleared my throat causing Justin to take his eyes off me and he cleared his throat also before looking at me. "Like what you see Bieber" I stated with a smirk on my face, rolling his eyes he let out a soft chuckle before putting the car in reverse and bagging out of the drive way.

"Remind yourself that your way to young for me"He stated smirking as he put the car and drive and sped off down the street. Rolling my eyes at his statement I crossed my arms over my chest. "I'm only 4 years younger than you that doesn't make me that young" I said as I uncrossed my arms and reached over to turn on the radio. "I'm 19, you're 14, your just that younger them cupcake"glaring at the side of Justin's head as he continued to drive towards my school. "Whatever, I'm turning 15 soon anyways"I mumbled under my breath as I turned to look out the window.

Pulling into my my schools parking lot Justin put the car in park before turning to look at me, looking over at him a face him a small glare before opening the door."Have a nice day at school and oh I'll be picking you up because your mom and my mom are both gonna be out doing god knows what"He said chuckling at the ending of his statement. Giving him a dismissive hand wave he leaned over and kisses my cheek. "See you after school short stacks"Rolling my eyes I got out I the car and purposely slammed his door ear a loud honk out of him, turning around I flicked him off before heading towards the double doors that lead inside my school.

Oh shit how rude am I, I didn't even introduce myself, hey lovelies my name is Rachel Jones, I'm in 9th grade which makes me 14 going on 15. I have two best friends Justin obviously and Crystal. You see me and Justin has been best friends since little kids his mom and my mom are best friends and always have been since high school. As you can tell Justin is older then me by 4 years and he's in college so bound point for him lol, anyways crystal and I have been friends since 4 grade, so we've known each other for 4 years now and we're still as strong as ever best friends till the end. Okay so I don't know if you guys noticed but as you can see I have a tiny crush on Justin and everyday it seems as if I'm starting to crush on him more and more but shhh you can't tell him because well he'll never see me in that way and plus he has a girlfriend, anyways I should probably go now so by lovelies


So here's the first chapter and I know it's short but bear with me, let me know what you guys think of it? <3

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