Honor is unnoticed, but notices everyone, even knows all their names - the jocks, the slackers, the nerds, the fakes, everyone. Harry and Eleanor have been her best friends since they started. This boy, Niall, occasionally comes to their school, just to hang out with the bad boys, Zayn, Liam and Louis. But what happens when she is noticed? Not just by them, but the whole school? What will happen when Niall wants her? Considering he always gets what he wants.


2. Two

Niall visits his friends at least twice or three times a week. He just lives outside of town too. I have no idea how I know this, but I do. I look over there for a while, until Harry decides to snap fingers in my face.

“What?” I ask him, clearly annoyed.

“You were just staring at them.” He laughs, as Eleanor chuckles with him.

“No I wasn’t.” I lie, but feeling the heat creep to my cheeks wasn’t helping.

Harry laughs again. “Yes, you were, see look at that.” He said, pointing to my cheeks.

“You guys, shhh.” Eleanor hushes us. Harry and I stare at her, wondering why she just told us to shush. “They’re staring right at you, Honor.” I feel my cheeks heat up as soon as she finished her sentence. I take a peek over my shoulder, and well enough, she was right. All five boys had their eyes our way, looking at me. I could tell they were still talking among themselves. I feel my cheeks heat up more so I turn my attention back to my best friends, who were staring at the group at the gate.

“It’s weird.” I said, forking my food around as their heads turn, facing me.

“What’s weird?” Harry asks, taking a bite out of his burger.

“They noticed me. They never look at me. I mean, why look at me now?” I say, before stuffing my mouth with food. The bell rang as I took my last bite of my lunch.

 “Stop staring, you’re probably gonna make them come to us.” I whispered harshly at them. I get up from my spot on the table, Harry and Eleanor following suit. We walk up the stairs, down the hall and made our way to our last class of the day, English.


*skip class*


I say my goodbyes to Harry and Eleanor as they got in their cars and took off. I walk home with my earphones in, playing High School by Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne. As I walk up the driveway, I get out my house key from the front pocket of my bag. I unlock the door and walk inside, heading to my bedroom first. I change my clothes to a pair of sweatpants and a plain singlet. I walk out and placed my washing in the laundry and do the washing. I head out, and make myself some lunch.


My brothers and parents all come home from work, and we’ve just finished our dinner, now heading to bed. “Goodnight mum. Goodnight Dad.” I say at their door, before closing it and heading to my room. I was pulled into a hug from one of my brothers, Danny I’m guessing.

“How was school today, Honor?’ He asks, still holding my in his embrace.

“Good. Nothing much happened today. Just being stared at, that’s all.” I reply, pulling away from my brother’s hug.

“Stared at? By whom?” he asks, his eyebrows furrowed together.

“Just this group of kids, but that doesn’t matter now. I’m fine.”

“Hmm.” He hummed, as he eyed me suspiciously, like I was hiding from something from him.

“I’m going to bed.” I tell him. “Goodnight.” I say, before walking to my room and locking the door. I pull out my phone and put it on charge and pack my bag for the subjects I have tomorrow. After that, I lay on my bed, exhausted.

I let out a heavy sigh, knowing that I’m tired. I get under the covers and pull them until they reach the tip of my chin, covering my whole body. I close my eyes and let my tiredness take over me.



My eyes whip open as my alarm wakes me up. I get up and turn off the annoying sound coming from my phone. Ryan always told me to wake up and stay awake early in the morning is to pick a ringtone that sounds annoying. And boy was he right.

After getting up, I do my morning routines, then putting on some fresh clothes, a pair of black jeans, a white tight-fitting t-shirt and a black hoodie. I then slip on some black coloured ugg boots. I then move to my small mirror and put on some minor make-up, just some natural mineral powder and some mascara. I grab my packed bag and head downstairs for some breakfast.

When I reach the kitchen, Austin was the only one in it.

“Hey.” I greeted him.

“Hi. Mum and Dads just left for work.”

“Oh, okay. I should get going.” I say, checking the clock on the counter that read 8:00. I hugged my brother before walking out and onto the streets of Westford. Halfway down the street, I realized I haven’t had breakfast yet. I make a quick turn down another street where some bakery is.

I walk in and was greeted by Ellie, the lady who owns the bakery.

“Oh, hello Honor. What a nice way to start the morning, to see your lovely face.” She says as I walk in.

“Hello Ellie!” I greeted her back. She came around to the front to give me hug, I happily hugged back.

“Now, what can I get for you?” she asks as she made her way back behind the counter.

“May I just get a… just a cheese and bacon roll, please?”

“Of course, darling.” She said, as she gets her tongs and picks one of the fresh bread sitting behind the glass. After putting it in a white paper bag, she hands it me over the counter as I pay her. I say my goodbyes before leaving her store and walking back towards my school, eating my breakfast.

I finish my bread as entered the school, throwing my rubbish into the bin. I find Eleanor, so I walk over to her and greet her with a hug.

“Good morning, Eleanor!” I say cheerfully.

“Good morning, sunshine. Why are you so happy today?” she asks, smiling.

“I don’t know, maybe because I just had one of the best bacon and cheese rolls made by the baker Ellie today.” I say, the smile still plastered on her face.

“Ohhhh, okay.” She says, as we’re walking into our roll call room. “Hazza’s late today.” She points out. I notice too.

“Yeah, he is too.” I say as I put my bag down and take out my book and start reading, Eleanor doing the same.


*skips to 1st lunch*


Harry came late today because he couldn’t find his keys. I wonder if I’m going to be late tomorrow, since both of my best friends were late yesterday and today.

Right now, we’re sitting here at the table we always sit near the oval. We all sit on one bench as we sneakily watch Zayn’s friends at the gate. I wonder what they’re talking about. Their lips are moving, but too bad we aren’t lip readers. Their eyes made their way to me again, but this time, they had this stare on their faces. I quickly look down, knowing that they caught my eye. As the bell rang, I got up, walking to the building, leaving Haz and El behind. As soon as I knew I was out of their eye sight, I slowed my pace. As I turned a corner, I bumped into someone’s hard chest.

“Sorry, I wasn’t look-“

I look up and my eyes meet a pair of blue ones.


“Hey there,” he winked at me. I feel my cheeks flush at his greeting.

“H-H-Hi.” I stuttered. I’m nervous. I can feel it. My hands suddenly feel clammy and my breathing is hitched in my throat. He smirks at me, probably knowing what I’m feeling. I’m so mesmerized by his eyes I didn’t realize he was leaning in. I close my eyes thinking that he was going to kiss me, but I didn’t feel his lips on mine, instead I feel his breath on my ear, before feeling his lips at the top of my neck and right below my ear, sucking lightly. Somehow, a shaky breath left my lips just after 3 seconds of his lips attached to me. Just a few seconds later, he stopped sucking and started leaving smaller kisses right up my ear lobe, before leaving his lips right where I could hear his soft breathing.

“See ya later, Princess.” He whispered before leaving me there standing in the middle of the hallway, gobsmacked.


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