cheer captain


4. Cheer Captain

one week later....

justin's POV: i slipped on my varsity jacket and hopped out my room. i went to the kitchen as i smelled breakfast cooking. a smile appeared on my face -morning mom- i walked over to my mother and planted a kiss on her cheek. i see her smile, i love seeing her smile -good morning- she said, she then turn to me holding a plate with two pancakes, with eggs and bacon on the side-breakfast?- she asked. i rbbed my hands together licking my lips -yes- i took the plate and took a seat. i then began to eat it was really good im in love with my mom's cooking. I finished eating and set my plate on the sink. "I gotta go mom." I drank my orange juice before giving another kiss on the cheek. She smiled. "Alright. Hunny, be careful. Have fun" she said and I made my way to the door. But before that, I made a quick stop in front of the mirror and checked in my hair. It was slicked back I popped my varsity's collar and headed to my car outside, this is gonna be another day. Before I headed to the school, I made a quick stop at a flower shop and bought a bouquet of flowers. I then made my way to the school. I took a huge deep breathe as i drove.


Meanwhile at school,

Jasmine was hanging out with her friends around the hallways, talking and laughing. The usual. Until one of her friend's, Jazzy laugh faded and turn her head to the door. They all stopped talking and watch as Justin walk down the halls. It seem like everything went slow motion as she walk. Justin held on to the flower as she walk. "He's hot." One of Jasmine's friend say. Is he new here? One asked. Jasmine eyes were glued on Justin's. She knew it was Justin, she didn't know why. Justin looked WAY different. But she knew it was him. 

Jasmine's POV*

I looked at Justin's eyes.. And jawline and emmidietly knew it was him. I don't know. It's just the way his face looks. Oh my god, what the hell is going on!? Justin finally stopped and faced me. "I just want to say thanks.. For saving me. And I apologized for being rude last week. I guess I was just upset." his husky voice say. But he said it softly. He then handed me the bouquet of flower that was in his hands. His hands shiver as he handed them to me, nervous.. But his face wouldn't show that he was nervous for some reason. "Thanks. And no problem." a crack a light smile. He did the same, before walking off to his locker. "Oh my god, is that Justin!? What happened last week!?" Jazzy whispered to me and squeezed my arm. I looked at her. "nothing." I simply said and smelled the flower.

Justin's POV*

I opened my locker. My hand were still shaking, nervous. I could hear whispers around me. I stuffed my bag inside and closed it after, "Hey cutie. Mind telling me your name." I heard a female voice say. I turn my head to see Selena leaning against the locker in front of me. She's just like Michael. But she never touch me, I rolled my eyes and just walked away. Hoe. I made my way to my first class then.


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