The Empty House

Lavi Bookman is a seventeen year old guy, he's pretty normal really... Or that's what he thinks.
This is yet another of my homework stories so I apologise in advanced if it's terrible, but I'm hoping 'cause it is part of me homework that it will be ok.
Hope you enjoy :)


1. The Empty House


(A/N) I may add more chapters depending on how well this chapter goes :D



The room was quiet. The only things Lavi could hear were his own beating heart, panicked breathing and Plue’s small scared meow from his arms.

‘Don’t worry Plue, I won’t let anything hurt you.’ Said Lavi, to reassure himself as much as the tiny white kitten, which gave him a look to say “Yeah right”. I wish Neah came with us? He thought miserably, frowning as he remembered what his brunette friend had dared him to do.




‘Four!’ Yelled Lavi as he threw a tennis ball at Neah who was getting ready to bat.

Crack! ‘Oh well done Lavi! You can go and get that then.’ Snapped Neah teasingly as the ball went flying through a window where little Alma used to live before he was murdered, along with everyone else who’d ever lived there, but the teen had been the last straw and the council now wouldn’t let anyone buy the property.

‘Oi, go on Lavi I dare you.’ Grinned Neah, waving a hand in front of Lavi’s face and making him blink his green eyes stupidly.

‘But I… Fine, come on Plue.’ Lavi sighed in defeat opening his arms for the little kitten and then, once Plue was safely in his arms Lavi took several cautious steps towards the house before looking back at Neah who gave him an encouraging smile. ‘But you know what they say about this house right? So if I die in there it’ll be all your fault.’ Lavi growled quietly, turning back towards the creepy looking building and walking forwards. If I die in there I’m going to come back and haunt you Neah. Thought the redhead bitterly, trudging up the patch to the front door and pushing it ajar slightly.

Then pausing for a second Lavi took a deep breath, gathering his thoughts and putting Plue down by his feet. ‘You don’t have to come if you don’t want to Plue.’ Even though Lavi had said this he was relieved when Plue “mewed” stubbornly before padding off into the darkness ahead. Fine, be like that. Lavi ran his left hand through his spiky scarlet hair and sighed. Well this should be fun.


~End of flashback~


‘Meow.’ Yowled Plue suddenly, jumping out of Lavi’s arms and ran into a room on the right side of the hallway that the redhead was standing in.

‘Hey Plue! Wait!’ Yelped Lavi, lurching after the kitten as if he was attached to her. ‘What are doing! If you’re not careful we might get cursed or something.’ He said, his voice going down to a whisper once he’d entered the room.

‘Hey, Plue, where’d you go?’ Asked Lavi, looking around the room for the kitten, he couldn’t find her but he did notice that there wasn’t anything in the room apart from a single mirror that stood in the corner.

Out of the blue the biggest spider Lavi had ever seen scuttled out from behind the mirror shortly followed by Plue who seemed to be trying to catch the legs of the huge white creature with her paws.

‘Plue! Get away from that thing! It might eat you!’ Squeaked Lavi, he’d never liked spiders and had found them even less friendly when his dear old friend Neah had told him that they sometimes ate things twice their size.

Just then a thought crossed Lavi’s mind. I never knew that spiders could be white. As he processed the thought another one lodged itself into his brain. No, spiders aren’t white, can you get ghost spiders? And, although Lavi didn’t know it at the time, he couldn’t of been much closer to the truth without smacking the nail on the head.

‘Ah, don’t chase it towards me!’ Screeched Lavi, noticing that the eight-legged horror was running right for him screaming at him for help… Wait, a spider was screaming? Now Lavi was really confused.

‘Hey you! Get your damn cat away from me!’ Yelled the spider, straightening up and morphing into a human looking teenaged boy, his hair was a darker white, almost grey while the rest of his body and clothes were nearly completely translucent.

Lavi stared at the figure running towards him, utterly dumbfounded until the clogs in his head clicked into place. ‘Ghost!’ He shrieked, jumping out of the way just before he was ran into and bowled over by the ghost. Wait, wouldn’t he just run right through me? This thought intrigued the redhead to no end.

‘Hey you! Ghost! Can you run through things?’ Asked Lavi, taking a bold step towards the now cornered ghost who gave him an irritated look.

‘Of course I can! I’m a ghost.’ He snapped, stalking over to Lavi and continuing through him, making the redhead shiver because he felt as if he’d just had a bucket of ice-cold water thrown over his head.

‘Alright, don’t ever do that again.’ Lavi muttered, rubbing his arms and jumping slightly when his phone made a dinging sound, telling him that he’d got a text.

It was from Neah and it read; “Hey, are you still alive in there or do I have to come in to get you?” This made Lavi smile, he was glad that his friend was worrying about him even if he would never admit it.

“Sorry, I’ll be out soon.” He texted back before replacing his phone and turning to face the ghost. ‘So, what your name?’ He questioned, bending down to scoop up Plue who was looking extremely miffed about not being able to catch the spider.

‘I’m Alma, just Alma.’ Grinned the ghost sheepishly. ‘And you?’ Alma nodded in Lavi’s direction.

‘I’m Lavi Bookman, but you can call me Lavi.’ Smiled the green eyed teen and then he remembered why he’d came. ‘You haven’t seen a tennis ball fly through that window have you? I was supposed to come in here to find it.’ Lavi explained, only just noticing the huge gaping hole in the window where the ball had obviously made its entry.

‘Yeah, it went through my head and landed over there.’ Answered Alma, pointing over towards the mirror and then looking away quickly as if it would shoot him for doing so.

Lavi started towards the framed piece of glass and smiled gently at Plue who was clawing at the smooth surface of the looking glass, making it ripple slightly.

Wait a second. Lavi froze mid stride. Glass doesn’t ripple. The redheaded teen gulped down his building panic and glanced at Alma who had a look of horror plastered on his pale face and was murmuring to himself softly.

‘What’s wrong?’ The question barely came out as a whisper as Lavi heard what Alma was saying.

‘I’m sorry, please forgive me. I’m sorry, please forgive me Lavi…’ The ghost was saying over and over again adding Lavi’s name to every other one.

‘What are you sorry for Alma? What’s going on?’ Just as the words left the redheads mouth a pained hissed snapped his head back in the direction of the mirror where a giant translucent tentacle a wrapped itself around Plue and was dragging the terrified kitten into the reflective surface.

‘Plue!’ Lavi jerked forwards but was to late. I failed. That was the last miserably conscious thought that Lavi had in a while, before his mind was consumed by darkness.

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