Youtuber and Singer

Harry Styles (fanfiction)
Eleanor Sugg or Ellie is a youtuber.Harry Styles or Harry or Hazza is a member of One Direction.They both have trouble finding love,but what happens when Ellie is vlogging and bumps into Harry.
A/N:I hope you like it


5. Chapter 4

Harry's POV:

We went inside the house and the first thing I hear is her brother Joseph yelling about the groceries we bought. So Harry anything to drink Eleanor asked. Umm no I'm fine. Hey Ellie, who you got here Joseph asked coming into the kitchen. Oh Harry Styles from one direction she said.(Eleanor left to go up stairs)Cool, what's up man Joe asked me. I'm fine you I asked. Good just making some YouTube videos. That's cool, I bought your sister a new camera. WHAT he shouted. Cause' she dropped it when I bumped into her earlier. Oh I thought you bought for her because you like her. Wh-at I'm just being nice because I'm the one who caused her to drop it. Right well I'm going to my room, feel free to stay in the kitchen or living room. Ok thank you. No problem Joe said.Then Eleanor came inside.

Eleanor's POV:

So what did you and Joe talk about I asked. Oh nothing just how good we where and what me and you did in the morning he said. Oh ok I said. So what do you want to do now huh Harry. Umm can I call you Ellie because it's easier to say and your brother calls you that so I thought it would make you feel more like your used to hearing it. No it's fine just call me what you prefer to call me you don't have to call me Ellie. I want to call you Ellie. Ok whatever I said. We can watch a movie or just lounge in your room Harry suggested. I guess we can stay in my room. Ok let's go then.

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