Youtuber and Singer

Harry Styles (fanfiction)
Eleanor Sugg or Ellie is a youtuber.Harry Styles or Harry or Hazza is a member of One Direction.They both have trouble finding love,but what happens when Ellie is vlogging and bumps into Harry.
A/N:I hope you like it


3. Chapter 2

Harry's POV:

I just woke up from a concert and I didn't feel like playing FIFA with the boys,so I left this morning to get some fresh air.I decided to walk to Starbucks.While walking I kept taking some pictures and signing autographs with some fans.When I made it,I ordered then left and then I bumped into a very pretty girl.

Ellie's POV:

Ellie!!!! Joe yelled.What!!!! Ellie yelled back. Can you buy some groceries please he shouted back. Ok she shouted.I just wore my faded pinkish high waisted shorts with my maroon colored stripes crop top.To pair with my outfit my white chuck Taylor's and cream cardigan. Then I was off to the groceries. Hi guys it's Eleanor just off to the grocery store to buy some groceries for Joe.(vlogging) I decided to walk because I felt like feeling the fresh air in the morning.Yah I'm almost there,oh my gosh.(dropped my camera)

A/n:sorry it was short it's still my first time

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