Youtuber and Singer

Harry Styles (fanfiction)
Eleanor Sugg or Ellie is a youtuber.Harry Styles or Harry or Hazza is a member of One Direction.They both have trouble finding love,but what happens when Ellie is vlogging and bumps into Harry.
A/N:I hope you like it


2. Chapter 1

Hello everyone I'm Eleanor Sugg.And if your asking yes I'm related to Zoe and Joseph Sugg known as "Zoella" and "ThatcherJoe" on Youtube.Im also a youtuber and do daily vlogs and do daily must-haves and favorites of the week and month and year.I have many friends that are in relationships and I'm having trouble finding love.


Hello everyone I'm Harry Styles.And yes from One Direction if your asking with Louis,Niall,Liam,and Zayn.I know only me and Niall don't have love but the others do and I'm having trouble finding it.

A/n:I hope you guys like this first chapter

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