The trip of our life!

This book is about me and my other friend Chloe,Freya,Nardia and Caitlin. In this we go to Paris with the school and meet one direction there they all hug us!


1. At school!

On a Monday morning we all went to school and we all got letters about a trip. It wasn't a normal trip it was a trip to France and Barcelona. We all wanted to go to France and Freya shouted FRANCEEEEE!!!! I wonder if we will see any famous people while we are there? Said Chloe.

When we go home we ask our parents if we can go to France with the school they say how mich is is ? Then we say £500 and they said no. 5 minutes later there was a call on the phone it's was the school they "Is 'name of child' going to Paris? They all say no then the school said they know one direction will be there? Right? "No wasn't on the letter are you sure they will be I mean it's next week but ok well let them go" said the parents

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