Lovin' dreams!

Georgia Campbell my name is and I'm 17 years old. There is is this band, called one direction. And there might be this one boy, Liam Payne. I go to north McKinley high school. My dream comes true when I got to go to a one direction concert and meet the boys backstage then I got to live a life with drama and lots of love.


3. dreams can come true

Georgia's POV

I reach the school and walk in to find my locker. I put my code in and put my science book in my locker. I slam my locker shut then i hear footsteps coming from behind me as it gets closer and closer. "HEEYYYYYYYY!" My best friend Lara screams. I love Lara she is just so unique and silly and funny that's why she is my best friend although we are different. "Hey Lara, what's up?" I say while rubbing my ears since Lara screamed very loud. "I have two tickets to see one direction and also a backstage pass" she says so excitedly. "AAAAAHHHHHH, YAYYY i am so coming, I GET TO SEE LIAM AND THE BOYS" i excitedly scream out. I turn around to see some people stare at me.this ought to be awkward "sorry people, continue to talk" i awkwardly say to all the students in the hallway. Lara and I start to laugh quietly, but we couldn't stop.

-----------------------skip school--------------------

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