Lovin' dreams!

Georgia Campbell my name is and I'm 17 years old. There is is this band, called one direction. And there might be this one boy, Liam Payne. I go to north McKinley high school. My dream comes true when I got to go to a one direction concert and meet the boys backstage then I got to live a life with drama and lots of love.


4. Concert Time!

Georgia's P. O. V

Lara and I were getting ready for the concert together at her house.

"You ready, I'm ready!" Lara yelled coming upstairs.

she wore a 'HARRY LOVE ME' shirt with light shade of denim shorts, and of course, her one direction vans that she made. To be honest they looked really good. Lara was looking great. She wore only a little bit of make up, her wavy hair was in mid back and her fringe swept to the side. Her Harry and Louis bracelets were hanging of her wrist and she moved her hand around.

"Yep" popping the 'p'. I wore my 'ONE DIRECTION KISS ME' shirt with a denim jacket and floral leggings but Lara told me it was going to be hot in the arena so instead I wore my floral shorts. I wore my bright red vans. my dirty blond hair in a high pony tail and my charm bracelet hanging of my right wrist. And yes, basically all my clothes are floral pattern, I had a moment last year where I was obsessed with floral.

Lara and I and dedicated fans of those 5 beautiful idiots that are in a band called One Direction. But I wouldn't say we were obsessed like other fans. We didn't want to know their private area sizes are. I mean please, who would?

We got our phones and bags and headed out of the door.


I was really excited to see the one and only one direction but the best part was we could actually meet them, I really hope I can make a good impression of Harry.

"You nervous?" she asked as we were in the taxi.

"so nervous, we can blow this. Imagine if they asked for our phone numbers and i we could hang out more."

I dramatically said to Georgia's face. I smiled at her and she smiled back. Georgia was trying to hold in laughter, but to be honest, so was i. She couldn't hold it in anymore and started laughing. after like a few second i couldn't either we were both laughing so hard we had tears in our eyes and clenching onto our stomachs trying to stop the laughter that was held upon us.

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