Lovin' dreams!

Georgia Campbell my name is and I'm 17 years old. There is is this band, called one direction. And there might be this one boy, Liam Payne. I go to north McKinley high school. My dream comes true when I got to go to a one direction concert and meet the boys backstage then I got to live a life with drama and lots of love.


1. 1: normal days...

The sun blares through the window, as I wake up and squint my eyes. "Georgia, wake up!" Yes, my name is Georgia Campbell and I live with my parents Caroline and Tom it get lonely since I have no siblings but I am living... I pull the blankets off of my body and hop out of bed. I sleepily walk over to my bathroom and turn the water on in the shower and hop in. I dig my nails into my scalp washing it with conditioner, rinse the soap out and hop out of the shower. I put on some dark skinny jeans and my 'bonjour haiwaii' shirt and put on my makeup. I run downstairs, grab my water bottle and an apple and walk out the door walking to school north McKinley high. I put my headphones on and listen to music that's on my phone. As I reach the school

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