The Worst Fanfiction Ever Written

So I decided to write this as a joke, I've read a lot of fanfiction with some of these 'mistakes' like really odd phrasing and/or really bad story lines.
So... sit back, relax and marvel over this fanfiction and hopefully you will have couple of laughs along the way.
Cringe worthy moments take up 99% of this book..


8. The Boys - Part 2

"C'mon bby we have to go meet the boys!" Harry called. 

"I'm coming" I yelled back, I was just finishing getting ready. I had already had my usual six showers and I was just fixing my hair into a messy bun and putting on some 'light' makeup. I was wearing something different to usual, I had on leggings and one of HARRYS shirts. Just to mix it up y'know? 


Harrys eyes widened as he saw me in his shirt and he smirked at me. We walked hand in hand to his car and he started driving. I put the radio on and started singing to Roar by Katy Perry, after the song finished Harry was still silent.

"what?" I asked

"your voice... It's amazing!" He exclaimed

"thanks I've never had a lesson in my life and I'm not really confident singing in front of others" I blushed.

(That never happens btw life doesn't work that way lol) 

"You have to meet simon!" Harry said with excitement. 

A few minutes later we pulled up in front of a big house, we walked inside without knocking on the door. In the living room all the boys were sitting around playing FIFA, fancy that. 

"Boys" Harry spoke and they all stopped and looked his way, "this is Daisy, we've been dating for quite some time now and I want you all to meet her."

A brunette in stripes and red pant picked me up in a bear hug, "Oh my carrots you're do pretty! Speaking of carrots would you like some? I'm gonna go get some I'm hungry" with that he walked off.

"That's Louis he's a carrot enthusiast." Another brunette with curly hair and brown eyes spoke, "and I'm Liam I look after these idiots, oh and just so you know I don't drink like at all." He said with a hint of sarcasm... Hmmm.....

Suddenly and Irish accent broke out and exclaimed "oh cheeseburger and jelly beans I just lost a goal, I'm going to go get some food."

"Niall, this is Daisy" Harry spoke up beside me. Niall gave me the once over and said "you're no where near as interesting as food" before walking into the kitchen. 

"He's always like that always worried about his hunger." Harry whispered into my ear. "And that's Zayn." He pointed to the black haired boy in the corner staring at a mirror.

"Vas happenin'" he said without looking up. 

"If you're from England why are you so dark?" I asked him.

"oh my god Daisy you can't just ask people why their dark" Harry said while rolling his eyes.

"anyway that's One Direction."

"Wait, you're in One Direction?!" I said surprised, I had noooo idea! How could I be so stupid? 


***** Well that chapter was fun to write! I completely stereotyped the boys in this, you may have been able to pick up one that haha and comment down below if you recognized the Mean Girls quote :) I was watching it while writing lol



300 reads, 11 faves and 14 likes! You guys are amazing! Thank you so so much! <3

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