The Worst Fanfiction Ever Written

So I decided to write this as a joke, I've read a lot of fanfiction with some of these 'mistakes' like really odd phrasing and/or really bad story lines.
So... sit back, relax and marvel over this fanfiction and hopefully you will have couple of laughs along the way.
Cringe worthy moments take up 99% of this book..


5. Chapter 3

Daisy's P.O.V.


I woke up this morning on the couch. Annie was asleep in the other room. I heard my phone beep so I picked it up. It said:

Hey ;)

Meet me at midnight in the park


Hmmm.. Maybe I should go. Who wouldn't want to go meet a stranger at midnight right?!

I got in my million dollar car which magically appeared like Herbie and drove back to my million dollar mansion with my million dollar wardrobe and my million dollar pool and my.... Well.. You get the point. I drove up the driveway and parked my car. I went to my room to change and shower. I wore leggings, and oversized sweater and put on some "light" makeup and my hair in a messy bun. *shocker*

Suddenly the phone rang. *dramatic music* I walked over to answer it.


"Are you meeting me tonight in the park?" A raspy voice asked me.

Who was it? Idk

"Yes bby of course im gonna lyke meet ya at da park I luff you." I replied

"Good. Be there at midnight." And the mysterious voice hung up the phone.

As it was only  4:00 in the afternoon I decided I needed to get ready to meet this stranger. So I went upstairs to my bedroom and took a shower. The hot water ran over my muscles relaxing them instantly, I picked up my shampoo bottle and squirted some into my hand then putting it thru my hair.

*I'm not even going to continue writing that... It's a shower dude you don't need to explain it. I think everyone knows what happens in a shower...*

I hopped out of the shower and into my massive wardrobe. What to wear? Hmmmm.... Maybe I should wear something different this time. After much deliberation I decided on a pair of jeggings, an oversized sweater and some TOMS. I walked back into the bathroom and put my hair in a messy bun and some light makeup like I usually have it. So that means I put on 6 inches of foundation, so much blush I have tomato cheeks, layers and layers of mascara so now it looks like I have four eyelashes, glittery eyeshadow and red lipstick that made my lips look like the size of Jessica Simpson's. Just a casual look ya know?

I looked at the clock it said 11:45!

Oh my gosh how did I lose track of time?!

I better head to the park and meet my prince charming who could be a rapist but YOLO


*Sorrrrrrry for not updating in a while!! I am back and I will update more!! Keep commenting suggestions I need as many as I can get! Mmmm I'm currently eating a sandwich which tastes like heaven... Just thought you may want to know that.. 

xo Secretive*

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