Little White Lies

Did you ever think one decision could change your life?
That one decision or one mistake could follow you forever.

Join Liv and Sarah on a journey of unexpected surprises, tragedies and big decisions. Will the decisions they make be the right ones? Or will they regret them in the future?

(*Warning*- throughout this book there will be some graphic content, if you are uncomfortable with this content please skip the chapter. There will be warnings in the chapters before and in the title of the chapters.)

Copyright © 2013 itsa1derfullife
All Rights Reserved


41. Telling Harry

Liv's POV

“I...I...uhmm…” Is the attempt of a sentence that seems to leave my mouth.

Should I tell him, not now, it’s not the right time, especially with everyone standing around.  He seems really mad.

“We just went out for some ice-cream” Louis says standing up for me after noticing that I’m struggling.

“Well you could have at least answered my calls!” he basically shouts in my face.

Why is he so angry? I don’t need his permission to do anything, this is the last thing I need to happen after I find out I’m pregnant. Having someone scream in my face even though I did nothing wrong. He doesn’t own me and I can go anywhere I want without his permission. I don’t say anything, I keep a straight face and push past him and run upstairs into our room slamming the door behind me. I know it sounds stupid but it was all too much and I didn’t need the stress.

“Good one dickhead!” I hear Louis yell from down stairs.

“Shut Up!” I hear Harry respond.

Soon after I hear someone coming up the stairs. Please don’t be Harry! If I see his face I think I’ll burst out in tears.  I hear a faint knock on the door.

“Go Away!” I shout berrying my head into my pillow.

“This is my room, so if anyone is leaving it’s you!” he says pushing the door open with an angry face.

I cannot believe him. I can feel my tears streaming down my face. I get off the bed grabbing my pillow and once again pushing past him.

“You are unbelievable!” I say while walking towards Nialls room.

I don’t know why but I just did.

“Yeah go cry!” he says slamming his bedroom door closed.

What is going on! I am so confused. Not even 5 minutes ago I was basically the happiest girl alive now this. What is his problem? I sit on the floor with my back leaning on the wall, I put my face in the pillow and scream as loud as possible. It didn’t help, I lift my head off and notice mascara all over it. Great now it’s going to stain. After I finally started to calm myself down there is a knock on the door. Fuck!

“Who is it?” I say nice and calm

“Harry” I hear him say on the other side of the door.

“Leave me alone” I say in a calm tone.

It was silent for a while until the door opened. My god what doesn’t he get about leave me alone.

“You have no fucking right to be mad at me, you’re the one who leaves without telling me, making me leave so many fucking messages on your phone!” he shouts in his strong British accent.

“You don’t need to know where I am 24/7, you don’t fucking own me Harry, plus my phone was on silent!”

“ I was worried sick about you while you were out having girly ice-cream sessions with your bestie Louis” he shouts loud enough that I’m sure everyone in the house heard.  At this point I’m on the edge.

“Actually I was at the doctors with Louis, ice cream was just a fucking bonus!” I shout loud but not as loud I would have liked. At this point tears were streaming down my face and I was having trouble breathing.

“Why the fuck were you at the doctors with Louis? Wait why you were at the doctors in the first place!” he yells in my face.

I stand up throwing my pillow to the floor, I walk up to him close but not too close to am touching. Calm down Olivia, Calm Down!

“Because of you! If you didn’t go all fucking ape shit before I got a chance to speak to you I would have been able to tell you I was pregnant in a more appropriate manner but this will just have to do!” I shout as loud as possible in his face. His face went from red and angry to pale. He took a step back and stared at me.

“W…what?” he says looking at me in the eyes with confusion. It looks like he has just seen a ghost.

“I’m pregnant Harry!” I say not shouting but raising my voice.

What is he going to think! What will he say?? He soon loses eye contact with me stepping backward and taking a seat on the end of the bed. He is staring into broad daylight. He is in shock. What is going through his head?

“Say something” I say calming my tone and taking a deep breath.

“That can’t be right we used protection” he says fiddling with his fingers and looking up at me in disbelief.

“I know Harry, that’s why I went to the doctors to confirm it” I say sitting down next to him.

“So it's confirmed, we are having a baby?” he says looking at me in the eyes.

“Yes” I say wiping my tears away.

Harry’s POV

Liv is pregnant and I’m the dad! I honestly don’t know how to feel right now, I’m shocked, really shocked, am I ready for this? Of course I’m not, but I’ll make myself ready, we are doing this together and I’m going to be there by her side they whole way. In fact I’m happy I am excited. Oh my god I’m going to be a dad!

“How far are you into the pregnancy” I say looking at her with a slight smile. I notice her looking down rubbling her stomach.

She looks up at me and notices my smile, it was then when she realised I was happy about this.

“2 months and 2 weeks” she says with a now excited tone.

I lean over and place my hand on her stomach and she places her hand on top of mine. Her stomach had become very firm.

“We are actually having a baby!” I say with a huge smile and excitement in my voice, while catching her eye contact.

“Yes!” she replies before I stand up and hug her passionately.

“To be honest I was afraid you wouldn’t want to keep it” she says looking down at her stomach.

I slowly let go of her. Why would she think that? I would never let her raise our baby by herself.

“Why would you ever think that?” I ask curious for her answer.

“Because you know, your whole career and stuff. You have a busy life Harry and I was worried that because we are still young that you wouldn’t want anything to do with it” she says looking down and fiddling with her bracelet.

“Olivia look at me” I say searching for eye contact but not getting any.

“Look at me” I repeat while lifting her chin with my index finger.

“ I would never leave you to take care of this baby alone, this is our baby, I love you Liv always and forever” I continue before noticing a little smile appear on her face.

“I love you Harry” she says kissing me on the lips.

 “Know lets go down and tell the others our news” She suggests while grabbing my hand and intertwining our fingers together as she leads me down stairs.

“I think they already heard you” I say with a little chuckle.

“Oh hush!” she says playfully slapping my arm.

As we walk down stair she links her arms with mine resting her head on the side of my shoulder. We make our way into the living room and everyone is sitting on the lounges looking at us. No one says a word until Liv breaks the silence.

“Were having a baby!” she says throwing her arms in the air with excitement.

Everyone jumps up with smiles on their faces. El, Perrie and Sarah all suddenly run up to Liv and hug her and immediately start talking about baby names. While all they boys rush up to me and hug me. After the boys had finished congratulating me they moved to Liv and Perrie El and Sarah moved to me. The girls were congratulating me and giving me advice on being the best dad. It was quite funny actually. I looked at Liv and the boys and notice Niall kneeling done in front of Liv talking to her stomach.

“hello baby! My name is Niall and I’m you’re new befriend!” he says with a straight face.

Laughter spreads through the whole room.

“So we get to be Uncles and Aunties?” Louis asks causing everyone to turn and look at mean and Liv. I give Liv a look before looking back at everyone giving a little smile before nodding.

“Woohhoo!” Louis cheers before everyone break into laughter yet again.





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