Little White Lies

Did you ever think one decision could change your life?
That one decision or one mistake could follow you forever.

Join Liv and Sarah on a journey of unexpected surprises, tragedies and big decisions. Will the decisions they make be the right ones? Or will they regret them in the future?

(*Warning*- throughout this book there will be some graphic content, if you are uncomfortable with this content please skip the chapter. There will be warnings in the chapters before and in the title of the chapters.)

Copyright © 2013 itsa1derfullife
All Rights Reserved


49. Permanent

Sarah’s POV

“Okay??” I say still unsure of what the present is.

“Come on, get up! We’re all gonna go for a drive” Liv says grabbing my hand and leading me outside.

“Ohh okay!” I say excited as everyone follows along.

“I’m so sorry Sarah, El has to take me to the recording studio, we will both pop around later tonight” Perrie says giving me a hug.

“That’s fine girls” I say smiling and hugging El.

“Let’s all go in one car!” Harry says and we all nod getting into the shared car.

“So where are we going?” I say impatiently and excited.

“Geese I thought I was impatient!” Louis says sarcastically causing everyone to laugh.

“Put the radio on!” Niall says from the back of the car.

Harry turns on the radio and the song ‘Glad You Came’ by The Wanted came on and the car went silent before everyone busted out into laughter.

“I’m glad you came, I’m glad you came” Louis sings with the most stupid girl voice causing everyone to fall in fits of laughter.

“Change this shit!” Zayn says leaning over the front seats and changing the station.

‘Trumpets ‘by Jason Derulo came on and everyone started singing along. As soon as the song finished the car came to a stop. I looked out the window and there was a whole street of shops. We all got out and started walking down the street.

“Are we there yet?” I say tugging on Liv’s arm.

“Patience my minion!” Liv says in the weirdest accent.

As we continued to walk we finally reached the end of the street and there was one last shop. No way! You have got to be kidding me!

“OMG! OMG! OMG! Are you serious Liv?” I say as a tattoo shop comes into sight.

Everyone started laughing at my reaction. I have always wanted a tattoo, that was all I ever talked about! I am so excited, a whole list of ideas rushed through my head of what tattoo I should get. We walked inside and there were no customers. Inside the walls were filled with graffiti and pictures of all kinds of tattoos. Liv and I walked up to the front desk while the boys took a seat on the lounge.

“How can I help you?” the blonde girl covered with tattoo asks.

My eyes were drawn to her name tag. Ashley.

“Hi, she is here for a tattoo” Liv says with a smile.

“Okay any ideas of what you want to get?” Ashley asks me with a friendly smile.

“Uhmm…” I say unsure looking at Liv.

“How about that quote that you are in love with” Liv says.

“OMG Yess! That’s such a great idea!” I say nodding my head.

“Okay so I will design the tattoo for you, what is the quote?” Ashley asks getting a pen and paper ready.

Life is not measured by the number of breaths but by the moments that take your breath away” I say knowing the quote off by heart.

“Cursive?” she asks.

“Yes please” I say nodding.

“Where would you like the tattoo?” she asks starting to sketch the quote.

“The side of my ribcage” I say pointing to the spot just a little under my right arm pit and a bit behind my side boob.

“Yess that will look great!” she says nodding.

“Okay so how’s this design?” she asks showing me her sketch.

“I love it!” I respond with a huge smile.

“Okay I’ll get it set up for you” she says walking into the back of the store.

“OMG, I’m so excited, does it hurt?” I ask concerned.

“Not really” Zayn says with a little chuckle.

“Why did you laugh?” I ask concerned and everyone else starts laughing.

“No reason” Zayn says containing his laughter.

“Come take a seat” she says returning from the back with a piece of paper.

Liam, Liv and I follow along as I sit in the chair.

“Okay remove your top and undo you bra” she says casually.

My face goes completely red and Liam and the guys chuckle.

“It’s okay I’ll give you a towel so you can cover yourself” she says noticing my embarrassment.

She hands me a towel and I remove my top and bra without anyone seeing placing the towel over my boobs holding it in place. I place my right hand on the back of my neck as she gets a wipes and cleans the surface. Soon after she places the small piece paper positioning it, once she removes it leaves an outline of the quote.

“Black?” she asks picking up the needle.

“Erhh yeah!” I say nodding keeping my eye planted on the needle.

Just before the needle touches my skin a boy walks into the room also covered in tattoos. He looks like he is in his twenties.

“Is everyone alright with being served?” he asks looking at all of us.

“Actually I think I might get a tattoo too” Liv says causing all eyes to be drawn in her direction

“Are you sure?” I ask surprised.

“Yeah why not!” she says standing up.

As the needle touches my skin I jump at the surprise, it hurts but it’s bearable. Liam places his hand on my leg and squeezes it for comfort. Liv and Harry are at the counter looking through a book of what I assume would be tattoos.

“That one” Liv says pointing to a picture.

“Yeah that looks sick!” Zayn says looking at the picture.

“Let me see!” I whine feeling left out from the conversation.

Liv brings the book to my direction pointing to an anchor, it looked really good. It was simple but really nice.  The man behind the counter starts drawing it before walking in the back and returning shortly after.

“Where would you like it?” he asks Liv as she takes a seat.

She lifts up her top and points just under the side of her bra. Wow that girl has no shame I think to myself. She is getting hers positioned a little bit lower than mine. The man nods as she removes her top revealing her black lace bra. I let out a chuckle when Harry’s face turns into a frown as he notices the guy’s eye planted on Liv’s boobs. At least she doesn’t have to remove her bra. The man places the template on Liv before removing it. He immediately brings the needle to her skin and she jumps as well. Harry grabs her free hand trying his best not to laugh.

“Nearly done” Ashley says choosing another needle. I’m so tempted to look at it but I want to wait to the finished product. After what seemed like forever she wiped my skin with a wipe and told me it was done. I walked over the mirror and a huge smile appeared on my face. I absolutely love it. The writing was small but big enough to read and it was neatly done within two lines. I showed everyone and them all liked it especially Liv.

I place my clothes back on and made my way over to Liv. The tattoo was nearly done and I could tell by her face that she was in pain. The man wiped her tattoo before she basically ran to the mirror. A huge smile appeared on her face, which means she loves it. She showed it to me and it looked so good.

“Let’s take a photo!” Louis says getting his phone out.

Liv and I turn to our sides lifting up our tops revealing our tattoos. Louis takes a few photos some with the boys doing silly faces in the background.

“That is totally going on twitter!” Louis says swiping through the photos with a smile planted on his face.

Liv makes her way to the counter.

“So that comes to £170($320) in total” the man said as Liv gives him her credit card.

Wow, I didn’t know they were that expensive.

We make our way back in the car driving back home. We were singing along to music until it was interrupted by the radio people.

“We have a shout out for Sarah Parker from One direction saying Happy Birthday!” the radio station person says and a huge smile appears on my face.

“Aww thanks guys!” I say with my face going red.

“And we have also got a fan sending in a picture from Louis Tomlinson’s twitter with a picture of Sarah Parker and Olivia Parker revealing their new tattoos” the radio station guy says and we all start laughing.

“What photo did you put up anyway?” I say curiously asking Louis.

Louis laughs hysterically and me a Liv look at each other. I quickly get my phone out and have a notification on twitter. I open the photo and my mouth just drops.

“OMG you didn’t?” I say looking at Louis.

It is a photo of me and Liv at the tattoo place with Liam and Harry on either side of us sticking their lounges out towards out boobs.

“Let me see?” Liv says holding her hand out.

“Nah I don’t think you want to see it” Niall laughs.

I hand Liv the phone and her mouth drops as well.

“Louis you are gonna get it!” she says doing her best to keep a straight face.

When we got home the rest of the day was taken up with fun games, truth or dare and everyone going in the pool, although Liv and I weren’t meant to get out Tattoos wet. This birthday has definitely been the best so far and it’s all thanks to my best friends.



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