Little White Lies

Did you ever think one decision could change your life?
That one decision or one mistake could follow you forever.

Join Liv and Sarah on a journey of unexpected surprises, tragedies and big decisions. Will the decisions they make be the right ones? Or will they regret them in the future?

(*Warning*- throughout this book there will be some graphic content, if you are uncomfortable with this content please skip the chapter. There will be warnings in the chapters before and in the title of the chapters.)

Copyright © 2013 itsa1derfullife
All Rights Reserved


44. Interview

Liam’s POV

I wake up to the sound of message tone. I look around and see Sarah has her head resting on my chest fast asleep. I slowly reach over to my bed side table to grab my phone trying my best not to wake her up. I swiped it to unlock, it was 2:30! How did we sleep in this late, I guess it was because me and Sarah stayed up most of the night talking. I click into my messages and see that the message is from Simon, it’s a group message.

“Morning boys, just a reminder that you have an interview with ET at 5:30”

I lock my phone placing it on the bedside table before I begin to closes my eyes and go back to sleep. Before I can shut them I receive another message. I reach over again this time accidentally waking up Sarah.

“What time is it?” she says looking up at me

“2:30” I respond with a chuckle

“Are you serious!” she says getting up quickly and running to the bathroom.

*cough cough* “where’s my kiss?” I ask her pouting my lips and making kissing noises.

The most beautiful smile appears on her face before she turns around getting on the bed and placing a kiss on my lips.

“Thank you!” I say with a giggle.

She returns back to the bathroom while I open the message.

“Can we bring the girls?” Harry asks Simon in the message.

“Yess!” Simon responds and a huge smile appears on my face.

“Sarah, beautiful girl!?” I call out to her.

“Yess Liam my beautiful boyfriend!” she says opening the bathroom door to reveal her with a mouth full of tooth paste as she was brushing her teeth.

I couldn’t help but laugh. She finishes up before rinsing her mouth and returning to the bedroom.

“What did you want to tell me?” she asks fixing her hair.

“Us guys have an interview today at 5:30 do you want to come?” I ask getting out of bed and getting dressed.

“YES!” she says as a huge smile appears on her face.

“Okay make sure you are ready by then! I know how long it takes you girls to get ready” I say while giving her a kiss before going down stairs.

As I walk down stairs I see Liv and Harry washing the dishes, except most of the soap was on them.

“Umm good morning!” I say taking a seat at the table.

“Good afternoon actually!” Liv corrects me and lets out a chuckle.

Something looked different on Liv today but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.

“How long have you guys been up?” I ask.

“Since 7:00” Harry says wiping the soap off his face.

“OW! OW!OW I have soap in my eyes!” Liv says screwing her eyes closed.

Harry and I start laughing.

“It’s not funny! I can’t see!” she shouts searching for something to wipe her eyes with.

“I’m sorry baby! Here’s let me help!” Harry says grabbing a tissue from the counter and wiping her eyes softly.

“Well isn’t that a bit cute!” Sarah says walking into the kitchen. She looked gorgeous! She was wearing  a sleeveless purple floral print crop top with a plain white tight mid-thigh skirt and shoes similar to Liv’s, they were a white chunky sandal but Liv’s had more straps. Liv was wearing a flowy white skirt that came just above mid-thigh and a black crop top that came off the shoulders. Sarah's Outfit:

Liv's Outfit:

“Well don’t you look a bit hot?” Liv says walking up to Sarah.

“OMG you’re hair!! It looks amazing!?” Sarah says running her fingers through Liv’s hair.

“Yeah I got it dip dyed!” Liv says laughing.

That’s what was different.

 “Where are the boys?” I ask Liv as she takes a seat at the table with Sarah still shocked about her hair.

“They are getting ready for the interview” Harry says taking a seat at the table.

“What interview?” Liv asks curiously.

“We have an interview with ET at 5:30 and Simon said you girls could come along.” I say laughing at Liv’s expression changing.

“And when where you planning on telling me Harry!” she says playfully hitting him.

“I forgot” he says as we all start laughing.

Before we know it was 4:45 and it was time to start heading to the interview. We all got in our car, Liv and Sarah drove in theirs and us boys drove all in one. It was only a 5 minute drive before we arrived. There were ton of fans outside. Liv and Sarah got out and the fans went crazy, hugging them and asking them questions. Soon after we got out and all the fans ran towards us screaming. We managed to push past the fans while getting some photos. It was about 5:00 by the time we actually got inside. We went back stage and said hello to the interviewers before they moved us into the change room to get ready.


No one’s POV

The boys got dressed and got their hair done, ready to be called up on stage while Liv and Sarah take their allocated seats in the front row.

“Good after noon everybody, this is Entertainment Tonight and we are here tonight with Zac Efron and the famous boy band One Direction! So to start tonight I would like to welcome the biggest boy bands at the moment up on stage! So please welcome ONE DIRECTION!” Alex the interviewer says standing up from his chair.

One by one they all come out waving to the audience before taking a seat on the lounge after shaking Alex’s hand. The audience was going crazy!

“Well guys, it’s great to see you! How have you been?” Alex’s ask sitting down in his chair.

“Great actually” Louis says while the boys all nod agreeing.                         

“That’s good to hear, so Midnight Memories your third album so far and has reached the biggest selling album in the UK this year?” Alex says picking up the album on his desk.

“Yess that’s correct and we’d just like to thank everyone who has bought the album, it really means a lot to us” Liam says looking towards the audience and they clap and cheer.

“So what makes this album different to the others?” Alex asks opening it up.

“I dunno, I guess we have just grown with it really, like as we become older the music grows with us” Harry says

“What’s your favourite song?” Niall asks Alex with his cheeky grin.

“Personally I love all the songs!” Alex responds smiling.

“Your just saying that because you haven’t listened to them” Louis says with a laugh causing everyone to laugh.

“No I swear I have!” Alex defends.

“Alright, sure mate” Louis says making the audience laugh again.

“So you’re touring for most of next year? What dates have been announced?” Alex asks

“Yess guys our 2014 stadium tour! We have announced the dates for UK, America and Europe so far” Zayn says clapping his hands together in excitement.

“That’s great to hear! So what was your favourite place to visit on tour?” Alex asks the boys

“Australia” Harry says.

“Europe” Niall answers.

“Europe” Louis agrees.

“I’m going to have to go with Australia” Liam says

“Yeah I’m going to have to go with Harry and Liam!” Zayn nods.

“What makes it your favourite?” Alex asks Zayn

“I loved the weather and everyone there is so nice and laid back!” Zayn says and everyone agrees.

“You haven’t announced the Australian tour dates yet have you?” Alex asks

“Not yet but it should be soon” Liam says assuring.

“And I hear your fragrance has been very popular all around the world!” Alex says taking the perfume box out from under the desk.

“Yess, we all contributed into making the prefect scent for our fans” Louis says grabbing the box.

“Ohh its empty” Louis says shaking the box.

“That’s because I took it home for myself, shhh!” Alex says causing them all to laugh.

“Yeah I think it would suit you mate” Harry says laughing.

 “Okay and now for the big subject all your fans have been waiting for! Your love life’s” Alex says and the audience starts cheering causing all the boys to start laughing.

“So Zayn you and Perrie are still going strong I hear!” Alex says to Zayn.

“Yes, that is correct!” Zayn says as a smile appears on his face causing the audience to aw.

“Don’t you guys make the perfect couple!” Alex says to Zayn before looking towards the other boys.

“So who else is in a relationship?” Alex asks the other boys.

Harry and Liam raise their hands causing the audience to clap and cheer.

“Really now! Who are the lucky ladies?!” Alex says while clapping his hands in congratulations.

“Sarah Parker!” Liam says nodding with a huge smile

“Yes I’m in a relationship with my gorgeous girlfriend Olivia Parker” Harry says.

All the boys stare out into the audience towards Sarah and Olivia and smile.

“Ohh are they here? Let’s bring them up, why don’t we!!” Alex says standing up  and looking out into the audience.

Olivia and Sarah looks at each other as their faces go red.

“Go on guys, go get them” Alex says to Harry and Liam

Liam and Harry stand up and walk over to the audience grabbing Sarah and Liv’s hands leading them on stage. The audience cheer as they sit on their laps.

“Well it’s great to finally meet you girls!” Alex says to Olivia and Sarah. They both smile and nod in agreement.

“So you too are sisters?” Alex asks

“Yes we are!” Olivia says as Sarah nods.

“So at the moment Niall is the only single one!” Alex says and they all look at Niall.

“For now yes!” Niall replies to Alex.

“So there could be someone” Alex asks while raising his eye brow.

“We will see how it turns out before I say anymore!” Niall jokes

“Make sure I am the first to know!”  Alex says to Niall playfully

“Will do” Niall says as laughter fills the room.

“So girls I’m sure you have been getting a lot of hate unfortunately? How do you cope?” Alex asks the girls.

“Well, we have learnt to ignore it I guess” Liv says.

“But when we come to think of it, we haven’t been getting much hate at all, all their fans are really nice to use most of the time” Sarah adds.

“Well that’s good to hear!” Alex says and they nod

“So you and Liam have just become in a relationship recently?” Alex asks

“Yess this week actually” Sarah says as Liam wraps his arms around Sarah’s waist.

“Now the question in the news at the moment and what fans have been waiting to hear is, is it true that you pregnant?” Alex asks cautiously as the audience goes silent awaiting the answer.

Olivia, Sarah and the boy’s mouths drop as they look at each other unsure. Alex reaches under his desk and grabs out a magazine noticing our faces before opening to a page showing them the headlines.

“There is a picture of you and they noticed a bump?” Alex asks pointing to the picture.

Olivia grabs the magazine and looks at the magazine.

“No, I’m just fat!” Olivia jokes causing everyone to laugh

“You are not fat!” Harry says wrapping his arms around her and giving her a kiss on the cheek.

“Well according to this magazine I am!” Olivia says laughing.

“So it’s not true then, you’re not pregnant?” Alex asks trying to find out the truth.

All eyes are drawn to Olivia and Harry as the stare at each other. Harry and Olivia both smile.

“Wait I’m confused! Are you?” Alex asks with a giggle

“I’m proud to announce that I am in fact going to be a dad!” Harry says and the audience goes wild.

“Really? That’s fantastic guys! Congratulations to the both of you!” Alex says getting up and shaking Harry’s hand before giving Olivia a hug. Soon after Harry starts to lift Olivia’s top slightly revealing her little bump. The audience cheers once again as Harry and Olivia sit back in their chair.

“So now we will have some questions from the audience” Alex says as the audience cheers.

“This should be fun!” Niall says clapping his hands

Alex chooses a girl from the audience. She stands up doing her best to stay calm.

“Before I start I just want to say that I love you all!” she says and all the boys tell them they love her too. “So my question is for Sarah and Olivia, what’s it like waking up to their beautiful faces every morning?” she says causing everyone to laugh. Sarah and Olivia look at each other and smile.

“Well I guess it’s something we will never get use to!” Olivia says as the girl in the audience sits down.

Alex chooses another fan out of the audience. He picks a girl and she stands up hyperventilating.

“OMG! Okay so what’s your favourite song out off Midnight Memories?” she ask fanning herself as the audience start to laugh at her reaction

“Half a Heart!” Liam says

“Don’t Forget Where You Belong!” Niall says shortly after.

“Story of my Life!” Harry chooses.

“Midnight Memories!” Zayn says

“I have to go with Better than Words” Louis says nodding his head.

Alex soon picks out another fan from the audience. She stands up jumping up and down with excitement.

“This is for Niall, if you got to spend one whole day with a fan and you could do anything or go anywhere with them where would you go? She asks

“I dunno! I think I would just get to know them! We could do whatever she wanted!” Niall says answering the girl’s question.

“BTW I love you Niall!” she says before sitting down.

“I love you too!” he laughs.

“Well unfortunately this interview had come to an end, it was great having you on here guys! Stay tuned everyone because Zac Efron is up next!” Alex says shaking the boy’s hands before everyone made their way backstage.

Liv’s POV

Wow what an experience, as soon as I get back stage I hug Harry telling him he did well. After me and Sarah have a little freak out Zac Efron walks past us smiling at us.

“OMG he just touched me!” I say jumping up and down as Sarah joins along.

“OMG! OMG! OMG!” Sarah says squirling.

“OMG I want a photo with him!” I playfully nudge Sarah in the arm.

All the boys are looking at us with weird expressions.

“Go ask for one!” Sarah says pointing to his direction.

“No you!” I say pushing her in front and she accidentally runs into him.

Her face turns red as she apologises.

“It’s okay babe” he says smiling.

Sarah turns around to walk off but I grab her arm and turn her around again to face him.

“Actually would it be alright to get a photo with you?” I ask and Sarah looks at me

“Sure!” he says as I grab my phone out of my pocket while Zac and Sarah posed for a photo together.

I took a few and then pasted the phone to Sarah. I wrapped my arms around Zac and Sarah took a photo.

“Thank you!” we say before we turn around and go back to the boys.

“What we aren’t good enough? We never got that reaction!” Liam jokes as me and Sarah start laughing.

“Are you serious its fricken Zac Efron?” I say still shocked.

“Wow!” Harry says shaking his head while laughing.

After a whole ten minutes of obsessing over Zac Efron Sarah gets a call and excuses herself from the group. She frowns when she opens her phone to see who is calling before she walks into another room.

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