Little White Lies

Did you ever think one decision could change your life?
That one decision or one mistake could follow you forever.

Join Liv and Sarah on a journey of unexpected surprises, tragedies and big decisions. Will the decisions they make be the right ones? Or will they regret them in the future?

(*Warning*- throughout this book there will be some graphic content, if you are uncomfortable with this content please skip the chapter. There will be warnings in the chapters before and in the title of the chapters.)

Copyright © 2013 itsa1derfullife
All Rights Reserved


35. Hide and Seek

Liv’s POV

You could say things aren’t going really well at the moment, I’m getting the silent treatment from both Sarah and Harry, but mostly Harry. The only time we talk is if we need too but besides that there is this strong tension between us. I know I’m a horrible person for what I did and I feel so guilty, guilt has been building up inside of me ever since that night. It has been two days since Sarah told Harry and since I slept with Liam. Things aren’t the same with me and Liam anymore, there is a constant awkwardness when we are around each other. I know we promised to forget about it but I guess I can’t. I love Harry so much and he deserves way better than me. Liam and I both decided to keep it a secret from everyone as it will probably make things worse but the guilty feeling is eating me up alive.

It’s 11:00 in the morning and I'm lying in bed with my mind filled with horrible thoughts. I turned to my left and notice Harry still asleep, I miss waking up in his arms every morning. I quietly got up out of bed trying not to wake Harry, I decided I needed a shower. I got undressed and switch the water on. I waited for the water to get to the right temperature before stepping in. I let the water run down my back giving me a sigh of relief, the water was relaxing, it soothed me. After a whole shower of just thinking I finished by wrapping a towel around me and walking back into the bedroom. I opened the handle quietly so I didn’t wake Harry but as the door opened I noticed Harry wasn’t in bed anymore. He had already gone downstairs. I guess I was a bit upset because I was expecting to see him there. I got myself dressed into a pair on my high waisted denim shorts with a midriff yellow top with sunflowers covering it and my converses, it looked sunny outside so I thought shorts would work. I quickly blow dried my hair before going over it with the straightener. My hair ways naturally straight but the straightener just finished it off. I added some light powder to my face to get rid of the redness under my eyes and added a dash of mascara to finish off. I was hoping I could try and fix things with Harry today, I can’t stand the way things are between us. I made my way down stairs and everyone was sitting at the kitchen table, they had all finished eating their French toast that I assumed Sarah made. She makes the best French Toast. As I walked in all eyes were on me. Zayn was texting, probably Perrie, Louis was finishing his orange juice and Niall was surprisingly reading the newspaper. I looked over at Liam who had Sarah sitting on his lap being all cute with each other and Harry who was avoiding all eye contact with me.

“Good morning sleepy head!” Niall says placing the newspaper down.

“Good morning!” I said before sitting myself down at the table next to Harry.

Harry ignored me and Sarah did her best to give me a smile but deep down inside I knew it was fake. This was so weird, I’m not use to this, and I feel like everyone is against me, except Louis, Zayn and Niall. They are just kind of oblivious to the world. There was a plate of French toast in the middle of the table but honestly I wasn’t that hungry which is unlike me, I’m always hungry. After a whole 15 minutes of just sitting at the table doing our own things Niall came up with an idea.

“Let’s play hide and seek!” Niall says throwing the newspaper in the air.

“Well that was unnecessary!” Louis says sarcastically.

“That’s such a good idea, that was my favourite child hood game!” Zayn says standing up all excited.

Everyone nods their heads smiling and agreeing. Niall go through the rules, we decided to do it out in the streets. I didn’t know these streets very well so I was pretty much stuffed! Everyone had 2 minutes to hide before Niall would come to find us.

“But to make it more fun, when I find you I have to collect a piece of you clothing!” Niall suggests clapping his hands together

All the boys agree with it but me and Sarah don’t.

“What’s the point of it?” I say giggling.

“There is no point it’s just going to make things fun! Plus its hot outside!” Niall responds!

“Now go hide! 1… 2… 3…” Niall says covering his eyes.

Everyone sprints out the door, Liam and Sarah holding hand and running left while Louis and Zayn run right. Harry decided to go straight, I didn’t want to go straight because he will think I’m following him. I wait for Harry to run far enough before I follow behind. I honestly didn’t know where I was going I took a right and then a left and I ended up in a park. Lucky it was day time because I would be shit scared. I decided to run to the playground because it was in closed and no one could see me but as I got closer I noticed a figure already there. It was Harry, I decided to still hide there, and maybe it will give us a chance to sort things out. As I got closer I notice Harry siting behind a platform with his knees up to his chest.

“Hi” I simply say searching for his eye contact. “Can I hide here” I continue.

“I don’t mind”, he says looking up at me with a little smile before looking away quickly.

Well that was a start. I sat down next to him, close but not close enough to be touching.

“Niall won’t find us here!” he says breaking the silence.

“I hope not, I don’t want to risk taking a piece of my clothing off” I say with a little giggle.

I notice a little smile appear on his face while he was playing with the woodchips on the floor. It was silent for a while until I thought it was the right time to speak.

“I have missed you” was the only words that could seem to form. I really have though, he is my everything and the past couple of days it’s been so hard without him. I look over at him and his eyes are staring into mine with a blank expression. “Harry I really am sorr...”I am cut off

“I don’t want to hear it Olivia!” He says aggressively interrupting me.

“But Harry” I say as tears start to form in my eyes. He is never like this, he had never spoken to me like this. I guess I deserve it.

“I said enough! Olivia how could you! We were perfect, we were so happy together and all this time you have had feelings for someone. And to make it worse, one of my fucking best friends. Wasn’t I good enough for you Olivia? And the fact that I had to hear it from your sister! That’s just pathetic! Do you know how sad I felt, how heartbroken I was? How could you have feelings for him, why him?” he shouts out loud. I notice his eyes starting to water.

At this point tears were streaming down my face. I had never seen him like this.

“Harry... im sorry, I never meant for any of this to happen, I promise to you I don’t have feelings for him anymore, I love you harry and only you!” I managed to say with my head in my hands boiling my eyes out.

“Stop crying! you brought this upon yourself Olivia, if you really loved me you would of told me yourself? Huh? Tell me why? Why did i hear it from Sarah and not you?!” he continues to shout

“Harry I told her that day! She didn’t give me a chance to tell you!” I shout back trying to control my crying but it just got worse.

 “Those feelings didn’t mean anything to me Harry! I was just a fucking phase! I’m sorry okay, you don’t understand how sorry I am, Harry I cry myself to sleep every night because I hurt you! I love you more than anything, you are the best  thing that has happened to me! I understand if you don’t forgive me but that feeling I had for Liam did not mean anything! I realised that when you ran away! You don’t understand how scared I was Harry! It hurts me not to wake up in your arms every morning or even talking to you! Its killing me and I can’t handle it anymore! I love you!” I basically scream out to him, I didn’t mean for it to come out that loud but I needed to get my point across.

He was silent as a few tears ran down his cheeks. I wasn’t really sure what to do. I have never spoken to anyone in that time. I feel rude. If he reacted this was from finding out I had some feelings for Liam I can just imagine his reaction if he found out I slept with him. Thats why I think it’s best if I don’t tell him. My god I am such a bitch. I stand up from where I am sitting and headed toward the swing. Harry didn’t say anything, he just continued to face his head down and play with the bark. My crying calmed down but it still continued.

“You’re not going to say anything?” I blurt out looking at him.

“There is nothing to say Olivia” he says throwing a piece or wodchippings at a tree.

My heart just sunk. Well if there was nothing to say I guess we were over. I got up off the swing making no eye contact at all and started running back to the house. What was I thinking, I knew he wouldn’t forgive me, I stuffed up and now I lost him. Tears started to stream down my face again even more than before but I ignored them.

“Olivia wait!” I heard him shout out from a distance. I ignored him and kept going, what was he going to do, he made it clear that what I said meant nothing. I didn’t want to see him to see me like this, I have never cried this much ever. I couldn’t lose another person that I loved but it’s too late now, I did.

“Olivia stop!” he says louder this time.

Why am I running from him, I should be the one running after him? I stop to turn around and I see him running in my direction. He finally reaches me and stops right in front of me. His hand slowly moves up to my cheeks wiping away my tears. I couldn’t look at him in the eyes, I can’t face that I hurt him. After he finishes wiping the tears from my face he embraces me in a tight and affectionate hug. I was surprised. It felt so good to feel his soft touch again. I wrap my arms around his neck while he lifts my thighs placing them around his waist. I burry my head into him neck making the moment worth wild.

“I forgive you!” he says squeezing me tighter.

I looked into his amazing green eyes before kissing him so passionately on the lips. It was like two day’s worth of kisses all in one. He broke the kiss but our heads remained close so our noses were touching.

“I love you” he says smiling against my lips.

“I love you!” I say before kissing him softly against the lips.

“OMG there’s Niall!” Harry says before placing me on the ground before grabbing my hand and running towards the playground to hide. As we sat behind the platform we noticed him walking in our direction. I also noticed him wearing a pair of shorts on his head and Sarah’s t-shirt over his top.

“Omg he is wearing Sarah and Liam’s clothes!” I say letting out a little giggle.

Harry lets out a little laugh too before putting his arm around me and pulling me closer.

“Harrryyyyy! Livviiiii come out, come out where ever you are!” Niall shouts at the top of his lungs.

He was getting closer and I couldn’t help but laugh. Harry puts his hands over my mouth so Niall doesn’t here me but the sight of Niall was so funny that he laughed too. Niall soon caught our attention and ran toward us!

“I found you!” he says puffed out when he reaches us.  Both me and Harry stand laughing.

“I found everyone except you guys!” he said puffed out.

It was just then when I realised he had two extra tops on.

“Now come on hand me over a piece of clothing!” Niall says holding his hand out.

Harry removed his top and gave it to Niall, I couldn’t help but stare his body was so sexy. He caught me looking at him and let out a little chuckle. I soon cut out of my daydream before deciding what piece of clothing o should remove.

“Liv your turn!” Niall repeats poking me in the stomach playfully.

“Ohh what the heck!” I say before removing my top and handing it to Niall. It’s nothing they haven’t seen before. As I handed the top to Niall I could feel both their eyes drawn to me. I was wearing my black lace push up bra. It was the only one I had since my other ones were in the wash.

“Stop staring!” I wine pushing them both out the way and ran back to the house. Niall and Harry started laughing and followed behind. As I was running a few cars beeped and I got a lot of stares. Finally we arrived at the house. The security guard has his eyes on me as walked through the gate. I sprinted in the door all puffed out.  As I make my way in the living room everyone was sitting down with a piece of clothing missing, I couldn’t help but giggle. Everyone was laughing when I walked in, Sarah had her arms crossed over her chest and I decided to do the same.

“Come in here! I have to tell you guys something!” Zayn says signalling us to come sit down.

“Can we at least have out clothes back?” I said to Niall sitting down next to Sarah.

“Not quite yet!” Niall says sitting down on the floor.

Everyone started laughing except me and Sarah. All the boys were staring at us! It was kind of uncomfortable. I look at Sarah and we both start laughing.

“Hurry up and tell us Zayn!” Louis says tapping his stomach.

“Okay, well Sarah and Liv already know” Zayn says looking at us both giving us a smile. It took me and shah a while to realise what he was talking about until it finally clicked. We both started laughing at how long it took us to realise.

“What is it?” Harry says impatiently eager to know.

“Well I’m going to ask Perrie to marry me!” he says looking at all the boys.

All the boys ran up to Zayn jumping on him in excitement.

“We are so happy for you Zayn!” Liam says giving him a huge hug.

“Yayyyyyyy! Zayn is getting married!” Louis says jumping onto Zayn’s back.

“She has to say yes first!” Zayn adds in.

“We know she will!” Harry says putting his hand on Zany’s shoulder assuring him.

We all started laughing. I guess things worked out. Me and Sarah finally made up and so did me and Harry. It has been the biggest relief for me, I don’t know where I would be without Sarah and Harry. All the guys started play fighting with each other until Louis brought upon a question.

“Who’s gonna be your best man?” he asks Zayn causing everyone to go silent and all eyes to focus on Zayn.


Hey everyone

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