Mesmerize (Liam Payne Fanfic)

December Knight has a different life. Her dad is stationed over seas and her mom left her, her mom, and her two sisters alone. Lily is you typical 7 year old. Though Faith on the other hand is different. She's autistic. December has put her sisters before herself. Every weekend she and her sisters will go to horse shows to show. But this weekend is very special, it's the Maclay. She meets a certain boy band that changes her life and makes her open up to them and make her reveal her deepest secret. With a spark of romance.


2. On The Rode to The Maclay

December's POV

It's this weekend. The Maclay. One of the biggest horse shows in the world. Some of the best equestrians in the world come here for one goal. Win. For some riders it's to bye some more couple thousand dollar horses or fancy expensive tack. I'm different though, I don't need any of that. I'm gonna try and bye a small house for my family and make my sisters happy, and hopefully do something for myself. I've worked so hard for this, I can almost taste it. I wanna make my family proud and give them a fresh start while my dad is away. This show could be my ticket out and if I win or do very well I get noticed for the Olympics. I only prey that the doctor will allow me go.

Liam's POV

It's been two weeks. Two weeks since I ended the relationship with my now ex-girlfriend. I found her in her flat on top of a guy in her bra and underwear. I haven't been really happy since. The lads try to take my mind off it, and it works only for a little while. Right now the boys and I are at my parents on break but we have a cd signing at the end of the week. We're trying to think of what we want to do this weekend. "The Maclay is this weekend why don't you boys go to that?"  My mum suggested. "What's that?" Harry asks with a funny/confused look on his face. My mum goes on to tell him about the Maclay. "The Maclay is a very big horse show where many equestrians around the world come to compete and win and to get noticed for the Olympics. I try to go every year." All the boys found it interesting, I do as well so we mark the date on the calendar for the Maclay.



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