Mesmerize (Liam Payne Fanfic)

December Knight has a different life. Her dad is stationed over seas and her mom left her, her mom, and her two sisters alone. Lily is you typical 7 year old. Though Faith on the other hand is different. She's autistic. December has put her sisters before herself. Every weekend she and her sisters will go to horse shows to show. But this weekend is very special, it's the Maclay. She meets a certain boy band that changes her life and makes her open up to them and make her reveal her deepest secret. With a spark of romance.


1. Hi I'm December

December's POV

Hi I'm December, December Knight. I know it's a strange name but that story is yet to be told. I'm 19 years old. I live with my unhelpful aunt and my two younger sisters. My mom left after my sisters were born and my dad has been stationed over seas for three years. I'm too poor in order to get a house. I'm struggling with college and paying for my sisters and horse board and medical bills...and that's with two jobs. My Aunt Helen won't help me at all, she says I need to "take more responsibility." The only retreat I have is the horse barn and my horse Ransom. Every weekend I take my sisters to the horse shows to watch or for me to show with the little money I have to my name. I've been riding horses ever since I was 4, and not to sound arrogant or conceited but I'm one of the top in the country. I love what I do but I've been told that I need to be careful due to my medical history, another story to be told in the future. Let's see what else, my sisters names are Lily and Faith. Faith is very special to me , because she has a way of looking at the world differently. That's because she's autistic. Lily is your typical seven year old. She loves pink, cats, and One Direction. Though when I think about, all three of us are fans of One Direction. When ever my sisters are feeling down I immediately play a song from them. It must be nice to be my sisters. I mean they don't have a worry in the world. Me? I worry all the time. I worry when my sisters fall, I worry that one day Faith will come home crying and broken hearted because someone at school said something at school, I'm worried about getting kicked out of the roof that's over our heads and out of school and I worry about my dad over seas and God forbid I'm worried I won't be here.

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