Mesmerize (Liam Payne Fanfic)

December Knight has a different life. Her dad is stationed over seas and her mom left her, her mom, and her two sisters alone. Lily is you typical 7 year old. Though Faith on the other hand is different. She's autistic. December has put her sisters before herself. Every weekend she and her sisters will go to horse shows to show. But this weekend is very special, it's the Maclay. She meets a certain boy band that changes her life and makes her open up to them and make her reveal her deepest secret. With a spark of romance.


4. A/N


Hey guys I'm so sorry I haven't updated in forever! And I will make up for that. I have a challenge for you all. If I get five comments for this story and my other story then I shall update ASAP. My other story is called And Then They Found Me. Thank you, you guys!!

~Starbar20 aka Chelsea

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